We help you turn your startup idea into a happy, thriving business

What’s it all about?


The Happy Startup School.

Has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? (well, we do anyway…!)

We wanted a place where we could bring various disciplines related to creating new businesses (startups in particular) under one roof.

Whilst building our own business and working with dozens of entrepreneurs, we’ve learnt a little along the way.

  • Firstly that passion & purpose go a long way
  • Also we’ve seen that companies that value their customers and focus on a positive customer experience more often than not achieve more success
  • Brands that are honest, authentic and transparent (and communicate their uniqueness) build loyal followers of passionate customers
  • And happy teams make better products (positive people are contagious and produce better work)

A new (happier?) era beckons

We’re seeing a movement of people that want to start businesses firstly as a lifestyle choice, and secondly to make money. Working with people you like on a business you believe in, means everyone can work together towards a common, meaningful goal.

If you’re leaving a well-paid job to set out on your own then surely you’re not doing it purely to bring in more cash. More often than not you can do this quicker by sticking with what you know. No, many new business owners are choosing to work differently – reasons can include:

  • Spending more time doing what they love
  • Wanting more time with their family
  • Having the flexibility to make better life choices
  • Working with people they like
  • Solving problems they see that need fixing
  • Making a difference to the world

We see that a new breed of entrepreneur is choosing happiness above profit (as we say in our tagline ‘there’s more to life than hockey sticks’ (eh? What’s all this hockey stick business?). Although it needn’t be either one or the other. Study after study proves that happy teams make more money. Just think about it for a second. Happy employees are nicer to be around, like making their customers happy and work harder. And also happy customers spend more money, are more loyal and like spreading the word to their friends and family.

What’s not to like?

We know you’re gonna love it

We’re at the early stages of developing something new, that brings in the leading minds from the following disciplines to help entrepreneurs build profitable businesses through happy teams, customers and partners:

  • Lean startup
  • Customer experience
  • Service design
  • Branding & storytelling
  • Lifestyle design
  • Happiness/positive psychology
  • Behaviour change
  • Conscious business

We’d love to have you on board.



We’re not doing this in isolation!

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Share your thoughts

We’d love to know what you think. Do you value happiness above profits? Are you a happy startup? Have you had enough of your current career and want a change? Post your comments below!

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