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10 must read articles to make your startup a happy one


It’s been a pretty eventful week for us!

We had our first meetup in London last Wednesday which was a great success. A big thanks to everyone who attended, you gave us some really useful feedback on how the Happy Startup School can help make you the smart, successful entrepreneurs building happy businesses of the future. 

If you couldn’t make it, you can catch the slides to the inspiring presentation the founders, Laurence & Carlos gave here and stay tuned, we’re working on some upcoming workshops to kickstart your business. Apply to become a student.

Your weekly roundup of articles awaits:

Startups choosing happiness over profits A post written by Laurence, founder of The Happy Startup School highlighting a 3 step process to building a happy startup. 

10 lessons from a treehouse A father’s tale of escaping the city, setting up in Costa Rica – starting a glorious life free from adverts, facebook, twitter, and news. 

What company culture IS and IS NOT A brilliant debate from Rand, founder of SEOboz defining company culture. Some really interesting comments in there too.

Moo who? A ‘remarkable’ startup story An inspiring story of the fails and successes behind Richard Moross’ Moo.com. 

The Call Me way – a purpose given dream Purpose Makers are an organisation based in Denmark who help companies their purpose, their ambition, intentions and their core values. Here’s a shining example of the work they do.

“If I can only scrape a living, at least it will be a living worth scraping”  An endearing talk from photographer, film maker & surfer Micky Smith on the importance of passion behind his job.

Being “Nice” is way more valuable After reading “How to stop being nice and get what you really want” Matt Wilson, co founder of under30media argues that “making a point to be “likeable” not only helps you achieve extrinsic goals (money, fame, and power) but also actually helps you achieve the ultimate purpose of making the world a better place.”

In service cultures, “what you manage is what you get” When it comes to down bad customer service, Tim Brown says “it’s not so much a result of poor hiring or training, but a reflection of a poor internal culture.”

Now is the time to do A motivating read from Richard Branson – 2013 is the time to put your ideas into action.

How to get people to love your brand David Hieatt, co-founder of the do lectures provides 23 epic ways to define your brand. An inspiring read packed with some tweetable tips.

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