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A ‘cracking’ startup: Peppermongers


We recently came across Peppermongers, a startup of two chaps who devote themselves to providing families in the UK with exceptional quality pepper from around the world.

Co founders Tom Alcott & Pete Gibbons met during childhood and soon started up their first picture-framing business in their family garage when they were just 14.

Their next venture saw them storming their way into the bottled water industry with FRANK water – donating all profits to village-run clean water projects in India


After many trips to India along the way, the idea of Peppermongers was created when they visited pepper plantations in the Western Ghats. They realised that much of the pepper used in the UK was bland and poor quality – yet used in almost every dish!

They were on a mission to learn as much as they could about peppercorns – from how it grows on the vine, to the timing of the harvest and bring their findings home to the UK.

Their passion and purpose in their quest to bring homes like ours, the finest, best quality peppercorns from around the world has made Peppermongers a succesful startup – and they’re only in their first year of trade. Featured on the BBC and the Guardian, with their clear vision this small company will undoubtedly continue their early success and grow in their mission.

You can read their full story on how they started up here. It’s such a warm, inspiring and witty journey.

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