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10 steps to happiness in business

We’re at the start of our journey to change the way that startups are built, for the better. We want to give business a better name by creating more purpose-driven companies that measure success in happiness, as well as profits. Our vision is a wo…

Lightening lean startup

Here are the edited down slides from our first Happy Startups workshop last week. Enjoy! Lightening lean startup from Spook Studio If you’d like to attend any of our future workshops then our workshops page.

The Indian Bicycle Shop’s startup karma

We came across The Indian Bicycle Shop on our happy startup travels recently. They have an inspiring little story to tell on their road to starting up. One that reflects the power and importance of having a strong passion and purpose. Back in 2011…

5 articles for a happy startup

We’ve just announced our first workshop in Brighton (a 5 minute walk from the station for all you Londoners). We’ll be working with first time entrepreneurs keen to start their own business but struggling with knowing where to begin. You’ll learn …