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10 must read articles for aspiring entrepreneurs


Some brilliant articles we’ve been reading recently to get your creative juices flowing!

1) Why compassion in business makes sense an overview from Emma Seppala on why compassion within the workplace is good for employee health and productivity.

2) Why 2013 is an awesome year to start up the community around web apps has never been stronger – Ian Ownbey head of engineering at Branch explains.

3) Quitting with style. And cake. The best resignation letter we’ve seen in a while from Chief Happiness Officer, Alex Kjerulf.

4) Turn your passion into your profession A useful checklist to help your journey from hobbyist to tycoon.

5) Winning with culture: Great leaders share information and help employees grow a taster from Ryan Estis’ downloadable paper Winning with Culture – both great reads.

6) How do I find my passion? The missing ‘recovery’ method A worthwhile read for anyone looking to build a business around passion – just need to find out where their passion lies first…

7) When empathy becomes insulting – here’s what customer service shouldn’t be.

8) Branding: Understanding the importance of trust Hugh Salmon, ex Ogilvy & Mather, writes about the significance trust has on your customers.

9) How SME’s can ensure great customer service some nice advice in the Guardian this week similar to 5 changes needed for best-in-class customer service

10) Work/Life balance isn’t about time puts work & life balance into perspective with a super simple infographic!

Happy reading!

Starting up is hard.
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