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How we spread happiness to city workers

It’s been a busy few weeks here at Happy Towers. Having only launched in January, we’re still in the very early stages of helping people realise their dreams by building happier businesses of the future. But we’ve seen an overwhelming response so far, with over 1000 followers on twitter, 200+ lovely people joining our meetups and a whole load of awesome feedback from key friends in the industry, keep it coming :)
We recently teamed up with Action for Happiness to celebrate the UN’s first International day of happiness, pledging to spread happiness to people all around us. In sticking to our word, we flocked to the streets of London vowing to cheer up those who needed it most on a miserable, rainy Wednesday – city workers who hate their jobs! We handed out seeded paper (yep, paper that you can literally plant, water and grow) in a bid to let city workers ‘Grow their happiness’. It was great to see lots of happy faces at the end of a very long day.
We’ve been busy planning our free monthly meetups in Central London too, so if you haven’t met us yet come say hello and join us in listening to some inspiring startup stories. We have three brilliant speakers lined up telling us all about how they realised their dreams and ditched their 9 to 5’s for a happier life.
Enough rambling, here’s a round up of articles we think you all need to read this week.
Happy reading!
1) 10 steps to a happy company Just a little thing we made…
2) Why companies should invest in company culture An awesome infographic from the folks over at greatplacetowork.com showing the importance of brand and company culture.
3) The cycle of customers who care “The first step is people who care making a product for people who care” Seth Godin on the cycle of customers and the effects it has on employees.
4) Richard Branson: Money isn’t everything Branson explains the benefits in starting business with very little money.
5) A hackathon for happiness What if we could measure happiness and well-being, then use those metrics to change the world? The H(app)athon Project have it covered.
6)  3 things I did wrong with my last startup Elizabeth Yin, co-founder of LaunchBit shares what she learned in her first startup failure.
7) 10 rules of disruption Profit is good. Profit and purpose are better.
8) Before I die, I want to _____  You’ve probably heard of the brilliant Candy Chang and her chalkboards inspiring strangers all across the world. If you haven’t, give this a read and create your own.
9) Choose your customers first Another unmissable Godin post. Choose your customers, define which people you feel passionate about and build your business around them.
10) Pixar’s 22 rules of storytelling Primarily written for writers, but we think these questions parallel with business and startups. What do you think?

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