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Letting your passion drive your happy startup


Part one of a series of posts by the lovely Susanna from Happyologist

Have you ever wondered what separates the “Googles” from the rest of the cool start-ups? It’s passion. Passion from the founders, passion in the company culture and passion being one of the key qualities they look for when hiring.

When you let your passions drive what you do, they will bring out the best in you. They enable you to grow and develop like never before, and really discover what you’re capable of. They create a sort of happy place for you, where your passions are your escape from the world or sometimes where you are one with the world. Your passions help you express your unique talents which in turn help the the world go forward as it’s really your uniqueness which helps drive innovation in the world. And the science of positive psychology is what has brought support to these statements from ongoing research in the real world.


So if you’re thinking about creating a startup, wouldn’t it be wise to let your passions drive it, or at least be incorporated in there somehow? I certainly think so! It would make it so much more easier for you to create a happy start-up right from page 1. And here’s how to get started.

You might have a clear idea of what your passion or many passions are, or you might be struggling with pinpointing specific ones. There’s no right or wrong here and you’ve really got to follow your intuition here. Asking yourself these questions will help you reflect on them:

  1. What do I wake up loving to do?
  2. When am I at my happiest?
  3. What are my top 5 values? Reflect on how you make your decisions and what’s important to you.
  4. What do I want to create or contribute to that makes the world awesome? Think about what excites and inspires you.
  5. What do I want to be remembered for? Think about the legacy you want to leave behind.
  6. If _____ is my passion, would I want to do it 24/7, incorporate it into some parts of my job, or have it as a hobby to enjoy?
  7. Who inspires me and why?
  8. If I won the lottery, how would I spend my days?

Some of the questions are quite open and vague on purpose. This is really about you being honest with yourself and finding what comes out of you when you ask yourself these questions. Sit on the answers at least for a few days and then re-visit them to see if you still feel the same way.


 On top of personal reflection, a great way to get more confident about what your key start-up passion could be is to take real concrete action. Here are some action ideas to get the ball rolling for you.

  1. Speak to someone about your potential start-up passion. Having a real conversation with someone will see if you can answer questions from another person and see how much energy you have when you talk about it.
  2. Schedule a whole day with your passion. Time will help tell whether it’s something you want to be fully immersed in all the time.
  3. Invite someone who works in the area you think you’re passionate about for coffee, and talk about your ideas and questions around your passion.
  4. Ask someone close to you to tell you what your passions are. Having your friends mirror their experience of what you love helps you in self-discovery.
  5. Ask someone to tell you about their passions. See how their eyes light up and how they fill with energy talking about it. Is there something that makes you feel this way?

There’s quite a few questions and challenges to work with here, but the key really is to get started with any one. The more you explore and test, the more you’ll know.

Stay tuned for the next guest blog post at The Happy Startup School from Happyologist on building an authentic brand that’s you.

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