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Making a big impact by starting small [Q&A with Ray Richards]

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Ray Richards is the Founding Director of Do Something Different, a hugely successful platform driving behavioural change for a better world, one small action at a time. Ray has spent his career working in a wide range of businesses, in all sorts of roles and has found his passion lies in business and the significance companies can have making the world a better place. Ray gave us a brilliant talk at the summercamp in 2013, covering the power of doing, and how we can all make a big impact, one small do at a time.
ray richardsTell us a little about you and the work you do
I’m one of the Founders of Do Something Different and my job is to help one million people do something different.
What or who inspired you to get where you are today?
Lots of different people have inspired me to do what I do. As for what inspires me it probably comes down to two things. One is the challenge of it all and the second is a feeling that I should contribute to making the world a slightly better place than when I arrived.
What changes are you driving in the world?
I’m part of a team that helps individuals, companies and communities to do something different, to change behaviour by breaking habits and disengaging autopilot. One minute we’re tackling the issues associated with Alzheimers or Diabetes, the next we’re helping teenage offenders and then it might be an innovation, diversity or leadership project for a large company.
Tell us briefly what you spoke about at our conference in 2013
At summercamp I gave a talk about thinking and doing, about the need to bring them together if you want to bring about change (in yourself, in your business and beyond)
What one piece of advice do you have for budding entrepreneurs and changemakers?
The one piece of advice I’d give to budding entrepreneurs/changemakers is to understand where you’re incoherent, where what you do is not in line with what you think and/or say and then make some small steps towards narrowing the gap.
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