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“Creativity is not a talent, it is a way of operating” James Allen, Creative Huddle

Summercamp 2013 has been on gone now, and what a day it was! We’ll be back very soon with 2014’s plans. To be one of the first to grab tickets, sign up here:



James Allen is the brains behind Creative Huddle, helping people and businesses think and work more creatively through in house and online training. We were delighted to have James join us at the Summercamp in 2013, sharing tips on how we can think more creatively to make our businesses stand out in the startup process. He shared tried and tested techniques companies apply in their work everyday to provide ideas in how we can follow suit.
Tell us a little about you and the work you do

Our training courses help people develop their creative thinking abilities, and apply those skills to their business. At Creative Huddle we believe that creative thinking is a skill, and that it can be taught – as John Cleese says: “Creativity is not a talent, it is a way of operating”. We believe creative thinking should permeate every part of an organisation and its culture. It shouldn’t be siloed off into a separate department, nor should it be limited to those working in the arts or the creative industries. Better ideas benefit everyone, therefore everyone should be allowed and encouraged to learn how to be more creative.

What or who inspired you to get where you are today?

Sir Ken Robinson – the videos of his famous 2006 and 2010 TED talks have been seen by an estimated 200 million people – says: “The desire for creativity in business is not new – but there isn’t a clear direction of how to do it well – how to implement it.” We aim to change this.

What changes are you driving in the world?

The world is becoming faster and more complex, and to thrive in this new environment we need novel ways of doing things. In an age when traditional skills can be outsourced or automated, creative thinking skills are highly sought after. We’re helping to equip people and organisations with the necessary creative skills, behaviours and approaches to get ahead.


Tell us what you spoke about at our conference this year

I shared with attendees ten diverse examples of companies who use creative thinking to make them stand out. I explained what they do, why it’s creative, where they got their inspiration and what insights you can take from them.

What one piece of advice do you have for budding entrepreneurs and changemakers?
If your idea is truly innovative, people won’t be used to it – so don’t expect it to be easy to get people to buy into your idea. Changing the status quo is hard – people are naturally resistant to change. You need to be persistent and patient – be in it for the long run.
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