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Finding 5-a-day for your mind with Summercamp speaker Andy Gibson


We’re delighted to have Andy Gibson, founder of Sociability & Mindapples, speaking at the Summercamp 2013. Andy is an award winning social entrepreneur, campaigner and consultant, specialising in the social applications of new technologies.

Since founding Sociability, Andy struggled with stresses and exhaustion for several years until in 2007, he devised a way to make himself feel better. He outlined 5 core activities that made him feel happy and relaxed, and began incorporating these small things to fit around his daily routine for better work/life balance. Andy noticed a significant difference in his well-being and launched his “5 a day for the mind” campaign in late 2008. Since then, his work with Mindapples and the 5 a day for the mind campaign has been trialled by the NHS and big corporations like British Gas and the BBC. 

andy-gibsonTell us a little about you and what you’re working on at the moment
I’m the Head Gardener at Mindapples and we’re working to support and educate the general public to take better care of their minds. We do corporate training in how to use your mind more effectively, and run campaigns and events to encourage people to take care of their minds the way we take care of our bodies.


What or who inspired you to get where you are today?
I was very inspired by Tim Smit at the Eden Project many years ago, who taught me that people who run businesses don’t have to be boring men in suits. Interesting people could start projects too, so that’s what I started doing.

What changes are you driving in the world?
I work in education, democracy and mental health, because I believe that if we are all informed about ourselves and the world around us, we have control over our mental faculties, and we have some agency and control over the society we live in, we will build a safe, sustainable, nurturing world that genuinely meets our needs.


Tell us briefly about what you’ll be talking about at the summercamp this year.
I’ll be talking about my work starting social enterprises and what I’ve learned from starting Mindapples about how to change the world or get rich trying.

What one piece of advice do you have for budding entrepreneurs and changemakers?
Find a positive action that everyone around you wants to do but currently can’t, and then help them do it.

The Happy Startup Summercamp has been and gone for this year :( but fear not. You can read all about the inspiring day we had and sign up for a reminder for our next event in 2014 ››

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