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What a day we had!



The summercamp has been and gone but we’re still on a high here at happy towers. The whole day exceeded all our expectations; jam packed with talks from some of the most inspiring people we know, wowing our group of positive people with ideas. We were delighted to see the room filled with such passionate, motivated and friendly people – a brilliant atmosphere all round.

Throughout the day we heard some fantastic talks, from Andy Middleton’s endearing family story to Ole Kassow’s workshop on creating a customer-centric company and the importance of injecting kindness in business (huge highlights for many). We even took our event to the great outdoors, listening to the inspiring (and very witty!) Andy Gibson talk about his journey in becoming an entrepreneur, whilst we relaxed in deck chairs. What a relief to see the sun shining all day long, it made the venue in Hyde Park look that bit even more idyllic.







Throughout the day we were incredibly lucky to have the wonderful graphic recorder Claire Holgate documenting all of the talks, workshops and happenings in one gigantic illustration. Eight hours of non-stop doodling and concentration led to this. Her work is stunning, and now hangs proudly on our office wall for all to see :)





We also got not one, but three features in Wired thanks to the worlds fastest writer, Wired’s own Liat Clark :) She covered…

All fantastic articles :)

We have tonnes more amazing photos of the day captured by the talented wedding and events photographer Greg James, so go have a flick through and like, share and tag yourselves in our Facebook and Instagram photos.





We’d like to give a big high five to everyone who made the day one to remember. Our sponsors, our incredible speakers, our helpers and all of our attendees. We’re keen to help support  budding entrepreneurs and grow the community far and wide, so we’ve set up a Google+ community that we urge you to come join, introduce yourselves and share your knowledge & ideas with the group.

Keep your eyes peeled for videos of a bunch of the Summercamp talks – they’re on their way, and if you can’t hold tight ’til then you can see most of our speakers’ slides on our slideshare page. We’ll be releasing individual posts on our speakers talks and the highlights from each throughout the next few weeks, stay tuned. And if you’re sitting behind your computer wishing you could have made it along, there’s always next year ;)

Hope everyone had as much fun as we did. We enjoyed it so much we’ll be doing it again next year! To be one of the first to be notified about tickets, just fill out your email below and we’ll send you a reminder when it’s announced (around May 2014). Summercamp 2014 tickets are on sale NOW! Claim your place at the camp. We’ve got 3 whole days of connecting with nature. More info at www.happystartupsummer.camp

Also see these 2 write-ups of the day:

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