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What an outstanding response! #happinessday

happy quote 2

Yesterday marked the second UN International Day of Happiness and the response to the #happinessday campaign across social media has been overwhelming!

If this is the first you’ve heard about it, here’s a round up. We teamed up with Mark and the team from Action for Happiness to start this global campaign to reclaim happiness. Advertisers tell us happiness comes from buying expensive products. Celebrities tell us happiness comes from beauty and fame. But studies have long shown happiness isn’t affected by money or possessions. We asked people all over the world to post a photo of something that makes them truly happy using the hashtag #happinessday to reclaim our happiness in a world that’s so rich in opportunity.

Over 100,000 of you visited the site yesterday, we had some 35,000 facebook shares, mentions on BBC Breakfast and US TV, and well over 4,000 happiness photos from across the globe were papped for the photo wall, (including one from space!) …and there’s still more to come from the US side! What an outstanding response. Let’s keep this spirit alive and celebrate what makes us happy everyday :)

Here’s our weekly share of the best articles we’ve read, enjoy!

How to hack your to-do list and free your mind for a more creative day

The differences between successful and unsuccessful people Dave Kerpen, CEO of Likeable Local outlines the 16 attributes that determines success

Good Day at Work annual report The big (free!) report is out, with over 20 leading businesses and experts sharing perspective on topics that cover mental health and wellbeing, employee engagement, flexible working and HR strategy

How ethical businesses are happy ones CityCamp Brighton kicks off this weekend showcasing some of the most purpose driven companies in the city of Brighton and we’re one of them :)

The psychology of entrepreneurship – have you got what it takes? ‘If you’re happy operating without guidance or feedback, you’re ready to start running your own startup’

Expect most of your assumptions to be WRONG and talk to your customers Excellent advice from an early stage founder

Self acceptance – the key to happier living? How you treat yourself could be one of your most important happy habits

What branding is… This will make you work out how you’re going to make a lasting impression and stand out from the crowd

Richard Branson’s top 10 tips for success ‘Do what you love and have a sofa in the kitchen’

Is it time to quit your job? Take Pinetribe’s test and find out

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