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A manifesto for happy entrepreneurs (and this week’s reading)

A manifesto for happy entrepreneurs


We love this manifesto made by Striking Truths. It’s defines a happy entrepreneur in a nut shell. Let it inspire your week and if you haven’t made a start on that idea in your head, reading our ebook and startup toolkit might give you a helping hand.

Lots of plans for upcoming workshops (and our next summercamp!) are afoot. Announcements coming your way very soon, but first. If you haven’t yet signed up to our next monthly session How to be a better entrepreneur through mindfulness with Shamash Alidina (author of Mindfulness for Dummies) secure a spot now, it’s set to be a motivating session.

Here are some articles to keep your mind busy this week:

The story of Crowdwish: an app that makes wishes come true every day Introducing the virtual genie app and the story behind it’s creation

There is no such thing as work-life balance 30 rules for building a business without losing your soul

Zappos offers stylist tips based on your Instagram selfies Zappos OWN the term great customer service, check out their virtual personal shopping service

Wise words from Warren Buffet With a net worth of $58 billion, here are his thoughts on money

How old is too old to found a company? As it happens, it’s not just the shoreditch hipsters that start successful businesses

5 ways hating your job can ruin your health From sleepless nights to ruining relationships, if you hate your job it’s time to act fast

10 life lessons to excel in your 30s Author and entrepreneur Mark Manson summoned his (aged 37+) subscribers to share with him the life lessons they’ve learned so far, as he turns 30. He got an epic response and found some core advice appearing in hundreds of emails

From Idea to 80k Uniques & 72% Growth Monthly A must watch vid of how Tarikh (founder of seen.co) invalidated his startup and succeeded

Happy workers are more productive: Science proves it  There’s a direct correlation between happiness and productivity, employers take note.

Reclaim your happiness at work The Guardian reveals Brits spend 100,000 hours at work on average. It’s never been more important to get the balance right between work and life, and start doing something you LOVE.

Did you know we gather together in Central London, (roughly!) every third Wednesday of every month to listen to key influencers in business? It’s a great chance to meet likeminded folks over a beer and learn a few things too. Sign up to our meetup page to hear announcements.

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