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10 articles to keep your startup efforts strong

Mindfulness for entrepreneurs

The spring’s bringing a lot of changes around our neck of the woods. Happy Startups / Spook Studio have upsized to new offices, a bright and airy space with a spectacular view across Brighton – all the ingredients for more creativity. There’s lots of happiness and wellbeing events for entrepreneurs that we’ll be involved with on the horizon too, and we’d love to see you there!

What’s coming up:

Learn the power of Mindfulness for Entrepreneurs Wednesday 16th AprilLondon

PurpleBeach experience 2014 Wednesday 30th April, London

Be the boss of your own happiness Tuesday 6th May, Brighton

As usual, here’s your weekly reading to keep your startup efforts strong:

“Whatever goes up, that’s what we do” A fascinating look into Facebook’s culture and why they switched to the second best design.

How to solve the cold-start problem for social products Build a big community before thinking about scaling growth

Start with values, not your idea “We’re on the cusp of a values-driven revolution” 

What’s the one skill you need to be a more focused entrepreneur? This weeks founder’s story looks at how entrepreneurs at risk of burnout can develop a calmer approach to their daily routine, and in turn boost productivity.

The joy of three: new things to make you feel alive and expert tips on wellbeing The Guardian agree that one of the best ways to help yourself is to help others

‘Hit entrepreneurs who sell too soon with high tax’ says leading investment manager Let’s lose this obsession with short term wins.

Yes, you can be happy while pushing yourself to success Being happy and being driven can and should work in conjunction with one another.

Is being an entrepreneur a nightmare? 10 of the world’s leading entrepreneurs discuss the difficulties in running their own businesses.

Purposeful entrepreneurship Our co-founder Laurence’s slide deck from his talk at City Camp made Slideshare of the Day last week. He spoke about how a near death experience gave him the energy and purpose to make a positive dent in the world.

It’s time we realised that GDP growth isn’t everything and that happiness – or the lack of it – also has an economic cost

P.s, we nicked this picture from the very talented Jeremyville – isn’t it uplifting :)

For more advice on building your own successful business download our free ebook and startup toolkit and join us for a beer to meet some likeminded folks at one of our monthly meetups ››

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