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This week saw the announcement of 2014’s WorldBlu Most Democratic Workplaces and we’re ecstatic that Spook Studio (the home of happy startups) has made the list. We’re one of just 4 companies in the UK to be certified thriving for a freedom-centred workplace. Our Laurence, Happy Startups/Spook Studio co-founder says:

‘I’ve worked in companies before that had a real blame culture and it’s not fun. This manifested itself through a fear of making mistakes and ultimately a poisonous culture. We believe life should be lived to its fullest and work is a huge part of that. We never want to be the type of company that treats its employees with contempt, whatever the level – we start from a position of trust and one of our core values is have fun in everything we do. Also, we’re at the forefront of entrepreneurship so it’s vital that we give our employees freedom to experiment. I’ve always felt that people perform at their best when there’s mutual respect and where they have autonomy to make their own decisions. We actively reinforce our purpose and values to ensure we’re all on the same page – we live by the motto ‘live them, don’t laminate them’.

Congrats to all 41 global organisations that made the list. ‘We’re on the cusp of a values-driven revolution.’

And here are 10 articles to keep your mind busy this week, we’re off to celebrate. Happy reading!

Stop accumulating stuff and start accumulating experiences If you only have time to read one of these articles right now, let it be this. We’re in need of an experiential revolution, a measure of success through wellbeing and personal progress not salaries.

As a startup founder, do you ever think you might have had a happier life had you lived life as an employee? Careful, clicking around Quora will while away your whole afternoon. It’s a great resource for perspectives.

The greatest enabler of creativity? Great post from We Are Unstuck about the impact of purpose on creativity.

You don’t create a culture Culture is the by product of consistent behaviour.

When is enough, enough? Nathan Barry considers the impact of slow, consistent growth on your personal life as a founder.

Start with a bang and stick to your guns We chatted with experienced entrepreneur Henrietta Morrison and her doggy pal Lily to share stories and startup advice.

Here’s why you’re not hiring the best and brightest Recruit from a global pool, don’t just limit yourself to your hometown. Technology these days.

How to motivate people – 4 steps backed by science

How my co-founder and I structure ourselves as CEO and COO Buffer’s Joel & Leo share their struggles and learnings with the CEO/COO balance

Time = Wealth Travel writer Rolf Potts is about to give you the travel bug.

Come along to our next meetup discussing the power of mindfulness for entrepreneurs ››

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