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An Easter reading list for startups

Startup inspiring quotes by Sean Wes


Massive thanks are in order to Shamash Alidina and all who came along to our incredible session on mindfulness for entrepreneurs on Wednesday night, stay tuned for our next event in Central London soon to be announced.

The Happy Startups office has been buzzing with unique and crazy plans for our next few workshops and annual summercamp. Those of you looking for a truly unique educational experience, keep you’re eye on our next announcement. We’re bringing happy startups to the beach! All will be revealed soon…

Wishing all of our friends and readers a very happy Easter and a well deserved break this weekend!

Here are some articles to read when you aren’t demolishing Easter eggs:

Steve Blank: Epitaph for an entrepreneur ‘When you’re gone, would you rather have your gravestone say “he never missed a meeting” or “he was a great father”?’

About Time – 21 hours What if we had a 21 hour working week? Madness, right? Think again, say the clever folk at the New Economics Foundation in this insightful short film.

5 simple office policies that make Danish workers way more happy than Americans Denmark is leading the way in happy workplaces.

The crossroads of should and must One of THE best medium posts out there.

Seth Godin: The right moment “People who make a difference never wait for just the right time.

Britain’s happiest towns Apparently those who have to face the daily commute find it the hardest to crack a smile. It’s time to pack up and move to Eastbourne.

You as Chief Happiness Officer in 6 simple steps Important ingredients for a happier workplace: respect, trust, vision, feedback, flexibility, appreciation & fun.

Gross Domestic Wellbeing It’s time for a shift towards growing people’s health and wellbeing, not just the economy.

The simple thing that makes the happiest people in the world so happy Clue: it’s something we can all pause for a second and practice straight away.

What do business and philosophy have to say to each other? An interview with philosopher and founder of The School of Life, Alain De Botton

image credit: Sean Wes

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