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You’re invited: Happy Startup on the beach!

Startup training workshop Brighton

Here it is folks. The Happy Startup School have planned a whole day of events for startups in an idyllic setting just minutes away from our HQ, by the sea.

Sunnies at the ready! It’s set to be an unmissable day, and perhaps one of our best events yet.

Yellowave pic 2

Join just 25 fellow students and learn;

  • How to find and apply your passion to your startup
  • How to overcome the fear of failure that comes with starting a business
  • Laying the foundations for an authentic brand
  • Innovative techniques to test your startup ideas
  • Tips to build a strong customer base
  • And how to build the right kind of company that sticks out for all the right reasons!

PLUS delicious food, happy startup goodie bags all round, and best of all, a room full of likeminded entrepreneurs to lean on for collaboration and advice on the day and beyond…

Earlybird tickets & more info at: happy-beach.squarespace.com

And now for our weekly reading list.


The only way to get really really rich Jeff Haden discusses climbing the corporate ladder V building your own business.

How and why to be a leader (not a wannabe) “Life is not a game… but what you do and why.”

A simple system to triple your chances of startup success Our recent guest post by Jonny Gibaud teaches us how to rewire our brains to achieve goals.

Don’t f*ck up the culture Brian Chesky, Co-founder and CEO at Airbnb transparently discusses culture in the team.

Marketing to a mission Start with why ›› Market your mission not your product.

Google’s Amsterdam offices has waffles, bikes and a caravan Office eye candy for us since we’re refurbing our new happy startups HQ

Outrageous things we learned about CEO of Zappos during his Playboy interview Tony Hsieh is God here at happy towers.

Step away from the screen The future of productivity lies in knowing when to take a “productive holiday”.

How to let your purpose find you “Finding your purpose is not a phase of life – but a way of living”

Bhutan’s prime minister: Business must take happiness seriously An exclusive interview with the leader of a country that measures progress in Gross National Happiness not Gross Domestic Product

Confidence in your business “If you create great things, people will spread the word for you.”

In France, a move to limit off-the-clock work emails “Take action to promote the health of your employees, or your competitiveness will fall” says Max Balensi, an official of one of the groups to sign the accord.

Bonus event: We’ll be running a session at Spark The Change, a 2 day event on changing the world of work. Hope you can join us.

Make the first step with your business idea and learn ‘How to build a happy startup’ with our free ebook & startup toolkit ››

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