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Startup workshop on the beach Brighton

Get inspired / Build your business / Expand your network

We can hardly contain our excitement on this one. Our next all day workshop to help startups build a business that strives for happiness alongside profits is taking a change of scenery. And it’s set to be a fantastic event.

Sunnies at the ready, we’re hitting up Brighton beach for a day of hands on learning with likeminded business folk. And there’s just one early bird ticket left! Don’t fight for it all at once ;)

What’s it all about?

We’re here to help you gain the confidence and skills you need to build & grow your own happy, thriving business in 2014. This will be a fun, interactive day by the sea where we’ll be helping budding entrepreneurs and early-stage startup founders alike build companies their proud of faster, keeping costs to a minimum.

Startup workshop by the beach

Who’s it for?

Whether you’re a designer, developer, corporate escapee or just curious about running your own business this workshop will teach you how to take your ideas forward and give you a great starting point for thinking like an entrepreneur. You’ll be on your way to building a happy startup in no time! This workshop will give budding entrepreneurs the learning leap they need to start doing, but equally if you’re a more experienced entrepreneur, there’ll be lots of actionable advice on building a your customer base and speeding up decision making whilst avoiding common pitfalls.

What will we learn?

You’ll get inspired, learn some innovative tools and techniques and connect with likeminded people in a fun, friendly day with hosts, the founders of Spook Studio and The Happy Startup School Laurence McCahill & Carlos Saba. They’ll challenge you to ensure you’re building the right kind of company that means you’ll stick it out for the long haul. Expect the unexpected!

Build a business by the beach

What’s in it for me?

– An inspiring day by the sea with likeminded people

– Find your passion

– Combat a fear of failure

– Lay the foundations for an authentic brand

– Learn innovative techniques to test your startup ideas

– Build your tribe of superfans

– Create your Minimum Loveable Product

– Build your network with others that can help you

Other key takeways:

– Add clarity to your vision

– Avoid common pitfalls

– Save time by creating focus

– Speed up decision making

– Learn the power of good design

– Build a product that people love

– Learn how to effectively talk (and listen) to customers

– Have some fun!

Did we forget to tell you? There’s happy startup goodie bags all round, delicious food and drink, in an idyllic setting.

Startup workshop by the beach

So what are you waiting for! We’ve already had a handful of driven entrepreneurs sign up to the event, come along and join us, and not only will you learn all this on the day, we’ll even share lots of resources and set some homework for you afterwards so you can take your learning forward. They don’t call us a school for nothing ;)

Secure a ticket at: happy-beach.squarespace.com

Only 25 available!

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