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There’s some must-attend events we’re organising/getting involved with during May that you need to know about :) here’s a run down:

Be the boss of your own happiness, Brighton, Tuesday 6th May 

We’re partnering with Action for Happiness on this one. Our founder Laurence will show us how we can find fulfilment in our lives and make a positive dent in the world through purposeful entrepreneurship.

Find out how Crowdwish created some amazing startup karma in just 100 days, London, Wednesday 21st May

After an epic response in our recent interview with Crowdwish founder Bill Griffin, we had to invite him along to speak at one of our monthly sessions. He’ll teach attendees how to grow and delight your audience through his first hand experience.

Happy Startups on the beach, Brighton, Friday 23rd May

Sold out on early bird tickets in record time, this all day workshop is set to be one of our best Happy Startup events yet. Learn all the core principles to building a thriving, successful business and come away with a strong and supportive entrepreneurial network. 

Hope to see plenty of you joining us. And here’s our pick of articles to keep your mind busy this week.

10 painfully obvious truths everyone forgets too soon “Success never comes to look for you while you wait around thinking about it”

Best advice I ever got: Don’t be a slave to the ordinary Great story from Sunny Bonnell, on her journey in founding We Are Motto

How to build an audacious company, according to Mark Cuban Heroic, inventive and bold businesses hold the key to success

How to perform at your peak every day 10 tips for managing your mental energy to do your best work. Go!

Why we founded a startup: and other irrational dreams An awesome post on striving for your startup dreams while you’re young

Who’s smarter: The selfish or the generous? “Being smart doesn’t mean being the Tin Man, any more than being caring means lacking a brain like the Scarecrow.”

The fountain pen and the firehose “Be a source of value. But maybe more important, be a source of ease.”

Staying energized no matter what 9 things you can do religiously every day to keep your energies up

Truly great products and experiences come from people who care. It’s that simple. DelightedApp have got it in one.

A simple system to triple your chance of startup success Love this post on the power of goal-setting.

Make the first step with your business idea and learn ‘How to build a happy startup’ with our free ebook & startup toolkit ››

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