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Updates from the school, and startup events you must attend :)

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Lots going on at the Happy Startup School HQ since the move! Last week Laurence headed up to Manchester to host a 2 day Minimum Loveable Product workshop at the awesome HyperIsland with their teams from the MA Digital Media Management course. He had them creating their startup manifestos for building an authentic brand + culture, and learning more about Blue Ocean Strategy and Hook model for creating habitual products that people love. The HyperIsland office is such an inspiring, creative place to work – we shared pics on our instagram @happystartups.


actionforhappiness meetup


This week both Carlos and Laurence ran a session with the Action for Happiness group in Brighton. There was a really nice mix of people of all ages. We can now say we’ve ran workshops for ages 18-85!

We also had Ryan Hanna, Brighton newbie and founder of the successful exercise app Sworkit in to view our new space and work with us on an exciting new app we’re developing – more on that soon :)

What’s coming up?

Find out how Crowdwish founder Bill Griffin has created some amazing startup karma in just 100 days of launching. Wednesday 21st May, tickets here: spookstud.io/1hA5ibG

We’re teaching people how to build a happy startup in a day. Friday 23rd May, spaces left: spookstud.io/1hA5xUh

Laurence will be teaching a workshop on ways to visualise and sell your idea at this year’s Spark The Change event. Thursday 3rd July

Some articles we ❤: 

Create a work environment that fosters flow The optimal state of consciousness where we feel our best and perform our best… and how we can introduce this to organisations.

What company culture IS and is NOT Rand Fishkin outlines exactly.

Why happiness should be your business model “Have fun, do good and the money will come” Richard Branson

Creating the most frightening company on earth St. Luke’s are just one of a handful of companies that inspired us to set up Spook Studio. Read their story.

Why happy workplaces make more money The Chief Happiness Officer shows how important it is to make employees happy if you’re struggling with profits.

Delicatessen with love A touching maptia story & a tribute to all the grandmothers in the world.

Rate-of-learning: the most valuable startup compensation The most valuable compensation for working at a startup as opposed to a “normal job” is a dramatically higher rate-of-learning (ROL)

Get rich (quick) Seth Godin strikes again.

Why are first direct workers so highly motivated? Happy employees are good to have around if you want happy customers

3 steps to find your wellbeing by developing emotional intelligence Happyologist Susanna Halonen shows us how you can alter emotional intelligence to help you grow

Dear investors, my company failed and we lost all your money. Here’s what happened. “Sometimes you have to rip everything apart to find the core of yourself, the beauty inside you.”

Happy weekend!

Learn how to build your startup in a day ›› happy-beach.squarespace.com

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