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Essential startup reading… LIVE from the beach

Happy Startups bus!


The Happy Startups team are at the beach today! The sun is shining, waves are crashing against the pebbles, and we’re here hosting a workshop joined by a group of driven entrepreneurs teaching how they can push forward their startup ideas and combat the fear of failure.

The incredibly talented graphic recorder Claire Holgate is in the cabin too, working her magic with sharpies! – she’s creating a live visual record of everything we’re teaching to students. Some shots of her work in progress below, can’t wait to show you the final pieces.

There’s an incredible atmosphere in the room. Our morning session, our founders Carlos & Laurence talked through the core foundations essential to building a successful startup, followed by an interactive talk hosted by Joshua French where we’re focusing on personal strengths… love a good excuse to lounge around on bean bags.

It’s a very inspiring day.

If you think you’d like to be part of something similar, drop us an email.

Happy Startups workshop on the beach

Happy Startups on the beach

Joshua French at Happy Startups on the beach

Happy startups on the bus

Graphic recording at the Happy Startup workshop by the beach

Claire Holgate's graphic recording for happy beach

In other news, we’ve been working hard on the relaunch of Spook Studio this month, finally launched this week! Spook is the home of happy startups, the place where we take people’s digital startup dreams and make them a reality. If you haven’t already, check out our shiny new site and let us know what you think. (But be warned, we have the longest ‘about us‘ page ever…!)

Spook Studio build digital startup dreams

Tweet us feedback, or just come follow us for a chat – we’re @spookstudio.

We’ve since had an AMAZING response to Summercamp 2014 too. Some really interesting applications… If you want a space, better get in there quick ›› happystartupsummer.camp

Got some cracking articles for you to have a read through this week. Enjoy!

Exceptional advice from the man building 12 startups in 12 months …and still had time for us to grill him on all he’s learnt along the way. Must read.

Are entrepreneurs really the happiest people on earth? “Entrepreneurialism is more like a mental illness than a state of nirvana”.

Why entrepreneurs should focus on building just one product Time is precious. It’s important for you to face facts that you can’t do it all.

Rory Sutherland knows how to save marketing Pay attention to this. From the man who heads up advertising at Ogilvy (with awesome illustrations).

Using mind control to raise startup cash Why do emotions play such a significant role in early stage investing?

The team is the product Customers are no longer buying static products, they are buying into the point of view & values of the team behind it.

The strategy is delivery Speaker deck from UXBrighton – once your service is live, that’s when you learn.

We’re soon announcing our next happy startups meetup with author of Positive Failure, Alastair Arnott. They’re really well attended events, everyone leaves with something new they’ve learned, new friends and a belly full of pizza (and beer!) so sign up and start coming to a few: meetup.com/happystartups

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