We help you turn your startup idea into a happy, thriving business

Have a day out at the seaside AND get your startup on the right path to success


Happy beach is back! After a successful first event, we’re flocking to the shores of Brighton again to spend the day in a truly idyllic venue working on how we can build a business doing something we love.

Join us and a bunch of likeminded entrepreneurs to learn how you can turn your idea into a hugely successful startup with a tribe of super fans, in just a day.

Happy beach workshop

Delicious lunch, happy startups goodie box and a free ride on the happy bus from the station, all included! We’ve also got guest speaker Kate Taylor, author & coach at Up Coaching working with us to share the key to success in business, failing fast and failing often.

See what else we’ve got planned, visit happy-beach.squarespace.com and quote HAPPY for 10% off early bird and full price tickets.


summercamp yurts


Summercamp News!

We’re releasing the general ticket sale at 12pm on July 9th. Make a note of the date campers! :) This initial batch of tickets will be snapped up, fast.

There’s a whole 3 days of fun lined up… life changing talks, workshops, camp fires, mind & body sessions, movie screenings, skills classes from barista to bush crafting, drop in clinics for legal/accountancy/startup advice, early morning walks, DJs, midnight feasts, fine local ales and a whole load of experience shared to unplug and get you living the life you want.

Check out the crazy good line up we have for you already, more to be announced and lots of surprises in store. We don’t do events by halves round these parts ;)

Visit: happystartupsummer.camp for more info and to secure a ticket on the 9th. Don’t be disappointed!

Happy Startups visits Pamplona

Happy Startups are running with bulls this weekend!

You might have read our excited tweets already, but the Spook Studio/Happy Startups team will be flying off to Pamplona tomorrow morn spreading the happy word over copious amounts of sangria in our persil whites. It’s the San Fermin festival and we’re celebrating the big 1-0 birthday of Spook Studio. Yep, we’ve been making people’s dream businesses for almost 10 years now. Time flies.

If you see us around, we’ll be the ones wearing happy startups tees with lots of sunburn. Come say hello and celebrate with us, or follow our travels on twitter & instagram to see what we get up to :)

Photo/Daniel Ochoa de Olza

Enjoy your week!

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