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“Happiness is not ‘fluffy’ it makes absolute commercial sense” says Summercamp speaker Mark Rowland

Mark Rowland ROCeteer summercamp speaker
Take to the stage Mark Rowland.

The first speaker we confirmed for our Summercamp 2014, and one of the highlights of the whole weekend. The moment we were introduced, we knew Mark would be an exceptional addition to the lineup at camp this year. He’s the brains behind specialist entrepreneurial training company ROCeteer and has worked with culture legends Delivering Happiness.

As a certified coach and a master practitioner of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Mark has extensive experience helping companies find their purpose, identify their unique and ideal culture, and cultivate values to drive employee behaviours.

He has an inspiring story to share…

Tell us a little about you and the work you’re doing with Delivering Happiness & ROCeteer?

I’ve spent my time in the last 8 years either running companies that had a strong sense of meaning/purpose and clear definition of culture/values to support a happy workplace, or supporting entrepreneurs to do the same. I’m passionate about helping people and companies to become self actualised and achieve their flow and with that my work at Delivering Happiness has seen me support large companies to implement the science of happiness and better define and realise their cultures.

With Roceteer I work solely with startups and help them and the entrepreneurs that power them, be the best that they can be.. we try to help both humans and companies to self actualise.

What’s your view on entrepreneurs striving to find their purpose?

One of the fundamental tenets of happiness is to put purpose and meaning into your work. When you believe that what are doing has a higher purpose, research shows that people are happier, and when people are happier in a company then you have less turnover, less absenteeism, more creativity, and more productivity. It’s important for the entrepreneur to know what their own personal purpose but also to define their company’s purpose too. A successful, purpose-driven entrepreneur must have strong self esteem and to understand the difference between self esteem and self confidence.

What or who inspired you to get where you are today?

I have been inspired by many people along the way including but certainly not limited to: Yoda, Tony Robbins, Michelle Duval, Tony Hsieh, Richard Branson, Viktor Frankl, the Dalai Lama, Frank Worthington, Eric Cantona, Jay forrester, John Sterman, Abraham Maslow….

What advice do you have for budding entrepreneurs and changemakers for happiness in business?

Understand that there is proven research to get more happiness in your own life and your team, and there’s some great research proving the value of this. Happiness is not “fluffy” it makes absolute commercial sense to pursue a happiness path to your business success.

Have fun in business, play hard, but play.. never take yourself or your company too seriously.. it is a means to an end.. (hopefully a successful end). Also:

  • Celebrate mistakes and fail your way to success
  • Be clear on why you are doing what you are doing
  • Realise there is a difference between you and your company and also there is a huge difference between a human being and a human doing.. and a big difference between self esteem and self confidence

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