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10 things we’ve learnt from Summercamp 2014

slow down

1. We need to slow down

We spend too much of our waking lives being fed information through screens. Taking a few days out to unplug, have meaningful conversations and get back to the things that matter is priceless.

breaking bread

2. Breaking bread together is powerful

Each evening we had 120 people sharing food and wine in the stunning barn and the conversation flowed. If only all networking was like this.

unique experiences

3. Sharing a unique experience builds community

We’ve had such incredible feedback from campers that now want to be part of a bigger community of likeminded people. Without a transformative weekend such as Summercamp this spirit would have been harder to come by. It feels like we’re at the start of something beautiful.

business your way 1

4. You shouldn’t be afraid to do business your way

We had some incredible speakers who’ve made a positive dent in the world, but they didn’t follow the rules. Don’t be afraid to challenge the status quo. Be brave, be yourself, be different.


5. “If you don’t know what to build, just start building”

Great quote from Laila Pawlak in her LEGO serious play session and great advice for business too.

likeminded people + magic

6. Likeminded people + inspiring location = magic

It doesn’t matter which country you come from or what you’re looking to build or change. It’s about spending more time with people that believe in the same things you do and inspiring each other to do great things.

life's short make it count

7. Life’s short, make it count

We heard heartfelt stories of love and loss, and how this makes us re-assess our priorities. Don’t wait for bad news to spark a change, be your own catalyst.

giver not a taker

8. Be a giver not a taker

We strive for a culture of openness and kindness at our events and this was no more apparent than at Summercamp. We’ve never seen such a wilingness to share ideas and help each other when people have known each other for such little time. Amazing.

danish clapping

9. Danish clapping is a thing

Thanks to Sanderson we now are hooked on Danish clapping (even the Danish present hadn’t heard of it…).

happyis the new rich

10. Happy is the new rich :)

Says it all.

Well whaddaya say, wanna join us for Summercamp 2015? Register your interest and we’ll let you know when tickets go on sale early 2015. www.happystartupsummer.camp

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