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What’s next for us: Some exciting news and a FREE startup webinar

Team photo

The team in the barn at Yoghurt Rooms, the night before Summercamp

Since Summercamp we’ve had a bit of a ‘so, now what?’ moment (ok, make that a few weeks..).

In fact we’ve been so blown away by the response that we now excitedly feel a pull from the community to take this forward. It feels like The Happy Startup School has been a gift bestowed upon us and one we should handle with care. This one’s for keeps.

As you may know, first and foremost we’re a startup studio that builds digital products for entrepreneurs and forward-thinking companies that want to innovate.

Whilst we love our work, we also only have a tiny team and limited resources, which means The Happy Startup School has been a side project, believe it or not. Going forward we want (and need) this to be sustainable so we can continue to be able to share great content, put on transformative events and help more people on the path to making their own positive dent in the world.


For this reason, we’ve been taking our time to work out what’s next for us and how we can bring the studio and school closer together (including an away day at our fave beachside getaway). Before we get on to that, here’s what we’ve been up to these last few weeks, other than keeping our clients happy :):

1. We made a little app called Hugs!

“Exchanging business cards was somehow less of a priority than hugging goodbye” Dorothy, Maptia


Here’s the intro email we sent out to all attendees which sums up why we built it:

We had a blast at Summercamp. You all wanted to stay in touch. So we built Hugs. It’s a simple way to connect with others from camp. And send each other a virtual hug. Go on, it might brighten up someone’s day.

We only released it on Friday but already there’s been a ton of virtual hugging going on. And some great feedback including:

“Absolutely love HUGS…it’s incredible.”

“A bit weird to be able to hug yourself, but hey.”

We’re not sure where this will end up but it was A LOT of fun to build (over 2 hack days in the studio) and who knows, other conference organisers may want to spread the love at their events and encourage connections afterwards :)


2. Started plotting some new, meaningful projects

Doing work you love means you get to work with people you respect and admire. For instance we’ve started helping Shamash Alidina (mindfulness guru, pictured above) on his new website and digital strategy, plus we’re in discussions with various other inspiring folk from our community about collaborating on projects (both in the ‘real’ world and online). Watch this space.


3. Planning for next year’s Summercamp

I know I know. But you can never be too organised :)

We’re delighted to confirm we’ll be back next year for more camp fun, and we’re aiming for 2015 to be even better. You can now pre-register so you’re on the list to be notified when tickets go on sale. We’ll be releasing the first tickets NEXT MONTH and then in batches monthly from then on. If you’re not on the list it’s unlikely you’ll be able to buy a ticket as we’ve already had a ton of people ask about tickets for next year so head over to add your name.

Thanks Rosalie from Wired Sussex for the pic

4. Opening the doors to our (newly finished) home

We held our first event at Happy Startups HQ, high up over Brighton and had over 40 creatives, entrepreneurs and curious folk through the doors to say hello and find out more about our story and approach. It was great fun and a chance to hook up again with some Summercamp folk. We’ll be hosting another free event next month – more details on Friday.

So, you may ask. What’s next?

Well with your help we can really accelerate our mission, but we can’t do it alone. Since our call to arms we’ve had emails from as far afield as Indonesia, Argentina, Mexico, the US, Europe, the list goes on. We’re continually inspired by purpose-driven people across the globe that believe in what we’re doing and want to be part of something truly unique.

We can’t thank you enough.

But here’s the thing.

Despite the fact we’ve put on some great events and mentored startup teams all over, we’ve yet to take people on a journey together, where they get to work with us closely on their business over a period of time and learn the Happy Startup approach with likeminded people.

You may remember earlier this year we were going to launch our first online program for startups. However despite lots of interest, this never materialised. We were hoping to launch in the Spring but we just couldn’t find the time given our other commitments.

We felt liked we’d failed.

On to today, and we now feel we’re in a much better place. We’ve learnt so much these last few months and now have one clear goal:

To create an online platform that inspires, empowers & connects the next generation of entrepreneurs and leaders that want to do business differently, wherever they may be.

And it starts here.

If you feel like you’ve got value from the work we do, read on.

Introducing The Happy Startup Home School

Get rich in the new currency – time, purpose, happiness (ie not just money) – whatever that is for you. And develop your vision into a series of concrete, actionable an measurable steps.


Build a business you believe in with our 4Ps program, wherever you are.

We’re looking for just 100 people to join our first online program, starting at the end of November during Global Entrepreneurship Week. This will run weekly from Tuesday 25th November for 4 weeks and will be the first stepping stone to creating an online community. We’ll be putting all our efforts into making this an amazing experience for all and you’ll be able to get the happy startup experience from the comfort of your own home or office.

Here’s the lowdown on the 4 weeks:

  • Week 1: Passion – the starting point for any successful entrepreneur
  • Week 2: Purpose – the mojo of great companies
  • Week 3: People – how to build your team & tribe
  • Week 4: Profits –there’s no point doing what you love if it won’t pay the bills

“It’s such a pleasure (and a relief) to meet so many people who were committed to growing their ventures and companies with compassion, with a focus on being emotionally/intellectually fulfilled, and with a strong awareness and care for the environment and the communities surrounding them.”


So what’s in it for you?

  • Learn what it takes to build a happy startup – one that balances your passions, your strengths and the needs of your customers
  • Challenge yourself to do something different and see the results
  • Make friends for life & build a strong support network across the globe
  • Give your existing business a new lease on life
  • Save yourself time by learning the best tools and techniques you can use for your startup
  • Learn a tried and tested process for taking new ideas to market
  • Have fun along the way


The Happy Startup Home School 4Ps program will be delivered by the founders of The Happy Startup School (and Spook Studio), Carlos Saba and Laurence McCahill. This course is based on years of working closely with entrepreneurs and startup founders on their businesses, as well as dozens of their own projects – both failures and successes. All the tools and techniques proposed have been fine tuned and tested on real projects.

Essentially, they’ve done all the hard work so you don’t have to.

So, what’s the deal?

This groundbreaking course will consist of:

  • Live weekly webinars (including access to videos for 6 months if you miss one, or for future reference)
  • Q&A via live chat (including saved discussions for reading later)
  • Startup cheat sheets and checklists including some awesome tools and frameworks we use for new ideas at the studio
  • Weekly challenges to push your business forward
  • Peer mentoring We’ll pair you up with another founder that will make you more accountable for your goals
  • Access to a private forum for discussing and sharing ideas
  • Exclusive deals from our carefully selected partners for startup tools and software that will make your life easier
  • Early access to videos from the inspirational talks at this year’s Summercamp
  • And 3 months FREE access to our premium member community when it launches early next year
  • PLUS some hidden gems that you’ll discover as we go on this journey together

All you need is an internet connection, a few spare hours a week plus a desire to learn new skills, build a better business and connect with likeminded people.

Similar courses can be found for thousands of dollars. In the future we’ll be billing this at almost $300 but we’re offering a 50% discount for this first program.

$297  Just $149 for the whole course

You’re getting all of the above, and deep insight into how to build a happy, thriving business for less than the price of an hour’s consultancy.

Crazy huh? Want to find out more?

Carlos and Laurence will be hosting a FREE webinar to talk you through their approach to business, what to expect from the program and answer your questions. This will be hosted online Next Tuesday 4th November from 5-6pm UK (GMT) time. To join them for what promises to be a fun and informative session, send us your details by following this link and we’ll give you access details:


Or you can just bypass the webinar and book straight on to the course. Remember there are just 100 spots available AND the first 10 people to join the program will receive a FREE Happy Startup Summercamp t-shirt! (see pic below)

button2 (will take you to a PayPal page)


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