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These people are making happiness their business model!

Expect nothing, appreciate everything
We mostly update you on our plans for the Happy Startup School, where we’re at, what’s up next for us, what’s going down in the startup world, but today this one’s about you! Or specifically, a handful of entrepreneurs from our global community sharing their story with us.

These people are at different stages of their startup dreams, all from diverse backgrounds. Some, still in the ideas stage of their businesses with ambitions to make a positive dent in the world, some looking to scale.

The one thing they all have in common? they’ve made a proactive decision to make happiness their business model.

There’s a new breed of entrepreneur realising the positive effect happy staff, happy customers, and having a strong purpose has on the success of a business. What’s remarkable is how in making this conscious choice when starting out, these companies are becoming highly profitable.

Meet them and be inspired by how they’re taking action for a better world, and a more human way to do business. We’re super excited to be working with them on a 4 week mission and here they’ve shared their thoughts about the journey ahead of them.

Josephine Living2Jo Living, London, UK

“I’m a recovering banker after 10years in the industry and moved into Social Enterprise via a 1year leadership programme called On Purpose.  I am now working for National Citizen Service and launching my own socent on the side, LifeUp, an online wellbeing program to help you maintain wellbeing and performance in a fast-paced hyper-connected world. I am passionate about changing the internal lens through which people experience the world and their life circumstances.  Once people are more connected, present and aware on an individual level, then their actions and relationships will be more authentic and values based.  From this individual approach we can drive behaviour change in communities, countries and even the world.  

Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change. 

I’m excited about meeting a cohort of other social entrepreneurs in the digital space and hearing about what drives them to succeed with the Happy Startup School 4 week mission. I think the potential for knowledge share and collaboration amongst the participants will be indispensable.”

alexaAlexa Fernandez, Texas, US

“I’m Alexa, originally from Texas via Mexico! and currently work on my startup in London, UK. I want to drive change in the way people experience and connect, specifically in their Uni years. Studying university in the US is a unique experience, one where you are never short of friends and where you make life-time friendships! I want to bring together people that shared that experience, replicate those friendships and good times for those of us who move to big cities outside the US. So I set up US Alumni Club.

I’m ready to take my startup to the next level, and expand the user base.

I’ve signed up for The Happy Startup Home School to learn how to get those “passionate” and “happy” followers you guys are always talking about. I feel a bit daunted (how will I make time for it with the oh-so-many other things I have to do in the pre-Christmas rush?) but am excited to learn.”

sam knowles2Sam Knowles, Lewes, UK

“I’m Sam Knowles and I live in Lewes, East Sussex. I’ve been a proud Lewesian for 16 years. The image is of me marching the streets of Lewes at Bonfire Night last week.

The change I’d like to see in the world is clear, economical, and impactful use of the language. Businesses and business folk emerging from behind a shroud of corporate jargon, finding their purpose, and bringing along the likeminded on their journey. 

At my company Insight Agents, we give brands and companies the tools, confidence and permission to find their voice, refine their language, and talk human.

I have a 4 week mission ahead of me with the Happy Startup School, making happiness my business model and I’m thrilled at the prospect of identifying and harnessing the Golden Thread that links the very diverse businesses on the course.

If you’d like to join Jo, Alexa & Sam on their journey, and learn how you can make happiness your business model too, you can. Take a look at our Happy Startup Home School soon to launch and get ready for change. You’ll be well on the road to a happy, profitable business for the new year.

Ok, you weren’t going to get out of our happy updates that easy :) Check out all the AMAZING stuff happening to support you on your startup road. Come join us, don’t build your business alone.

Saturday 15th Nov, UX Camp Brighton

Happy Startups co-founder (& technical wizard) Carlos is giving a talk at UX Camp Brighton. Did you read Laurence’s mammoth and EPIC post on getting your digital ideas to market sooner? It’s all about creating a Minimum Loveable Product, and our Carlos will be rocking up at UX Camp to discuss Spook Studio’s MLP approach.

Monday 17th Nov, LeanConf Manchester

He’s only just returned to the UK after lapping up some sun at Coworking Camp, Turkey and now he’s on the road again to take Manchester by storm. Catch Laurence’s talk at LeanConf on creating your Minimum Loveable Product, 11am Monday. Here’s that link to his epic write-up again, you simply must read it if you’ve got digital ideas.

Tuesday 18th Nov, MeaningConf Brighton

One of the best conferences for corporates and startups to gather together and discuss meaningful business. Happy Startups are delighted to partner with Meaning this year. We’re running workshops throughout the breaks teaching a framework that can be applied to any innovative idea. So if you’re coming along to the conference for networking and inspiration, pop upstairs (we’ll be on the mezzanine level) meet us, and we’ll turn what you’ve learned into an actionable plan.

Friday 21st Nov, #leancoffee (The Happy Startup Breakfast Club) Brighton

You know Global Entrepreneurship Week runs Monday-Sunday next week right? As well as our Happy Startup Home School we’ll be starting shortly after, we’re celebrating GEW by opening our office doors to all budding entrepreneurs/startups/local businesses or anyone interested in entrepreneurship and working lean. #leancoffee is a bit of a different, democratic format too, read more & sign up. Did we mention it’s free? Free coffee & pastries too :)

Other exciting news, his Holiness the Dalai Lama is the patron of Action for Happiness! What a brilliant announcement. Pop the 21st September in your diaries too, Action for Happiness are working on a big event.

Happy weekend all!

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