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Phew! That was one MAD week.

lean coffee grid

We’ve just wrapped up a fun and engaging session here at the Happy Startup School. We invited fellow startups, freelancers and lean advocates to join us for Brighton’s first #leancoffee event. What is #leancoffee, you ask? A loosely structured gathering of small groups who democratically vote on the topic about to be discussed.

We set the theme: startups, business, lean & happiness and collectively we voted and later discussed a variety of topics from productivity hacks, how to test an idea without having customers, what’s the hardest lesson people have learned in business, how do you build a 100% transparent company, and should a company ever be 100% transparent as well as discussing approaches to working collaboratively. It worked REALLY well. Great mix of people with us, people got a different perspective on problems they’re facing and we all learnt new things. We’ll definitely be running this again, join our meetup group to hear announcements.

Other goings on this week…

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 11.40.01

Hacking Happiness

We’re all conference-ed out! Well, our Laurence especially. After a week mentoring at Co-Working Camp in Turkey, he’s been sharing the Happy Startup ethos at the Hacking Happiness conference that just passed, ran a workshop along with Carlos on the Happy Startup Canvas (a framework to develop your ideas fast with a focus on defining your vision & purpose) as a satellite event for Hacking Happiness attendees.

Lean Conf MLP

Lean Conf

Laurence has just returned from Lean Conf in Manchester where he introduced a new concept we’ve been working on at Spook Studio, the Minimum Loveable Product – why you should build one, how it can take your ideas to market sooner and why customers will love it. The talk went down a storm, great crowd and it was awesome to see people so invested in an idea our team are passionate about. Have a flick through Laurence’s slides from the talk (which made the homepage of slideshare yesterday, prompting lots of smiles and honks in the office! Yay)

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 11.38.55

Meaning 2014

We ended our conf-athon attending Meaning here in Brighton. 300+ people in a room striving for better business in the 21st Century = a recipe for change. Aside from the exceptional talks, it was great to meet lots of familiar faces including happy campers from our Summercamp in September. The Happy Startups crew ran a workshop after lunch teaching the framework to build a happy, thriving business.


Home School enrolment has now CLOSED 

…But fear not, you can join the waiting list for our next course in 2015 and if any spaces become available this year you’ll be the first to know.

Have a great weekend!

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