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And we’re off!


Home School has opened!

Week one of our 4 week mission has kicked off with flying colours :) In case you’ve been hiding under a rock the past few weeks, we’ve launched our first online program to help 100 entrepreneurs make happiness their business model. And what a strong community of driven entrepreneurs we’ve been joined by!

Founders from as far afield as Japan, Australia, Bermuda and the USA have been sharing their startup stories so far, asking for help and direction  from peers. We’ve even teamed everyone up with a buddy for the 4 weeks, to make them accountable for their goals. Great to see such strong engagement from students.

One of the first challenges saw us all share our one goal we’d like to achieve by the end of the 4 week program. We wrote these on our hands, snapped a photo and shared with all in the private community. A great way to place focus on what you want to achieve and get to know everyone else’s goals in a similar position to you.

lights camera action

Lights, camera, action! 

The first webinar  ran by Carlos & Laurence gave everyone the push they needed to start out on this entrepreneurial journey for the right reasons. They talked about why passion should be the starting point for any successful founder, and gave home schoolers inspiration and guidance to bring more of it into their own ventures.

Like our happy studio by the way? There’s our Carlos miking up ready for the live broadcast.

Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 12.56.36
Carlos also put together a 10 minute podcast on ‘How to Kanban your life’ to help listeners manage their ever-increasing to do list and feel like your winning, plus we’ve got lots of extra hangout interviews with experienced founders up our sleeve as an additional extra to push home schoolers learning.

Everyone seems to be getting a lot from the course and it’s only just the first week, so it’s a big thumbs up from us :)

Great people, constant learning, new experiences and positive feedback. That’s what we like to see.


If you’d like to build or improve your business, and make it a happy one with 100 others from around the world, visit The Happy Startup Home School and register your interest for our next call in 2015.

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