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Following your passion is a flawed concept, Happyologist Susanna tells us why

Hello from the snowy French Alps!

If you follow our happy travels on Instagram you’ll have seen what we’re up to out here.  We’ve taken a wintery weekend break away to discuss exciting projects and explore. As our Laurence says, great ideas don’t happen in the boardroom so we’re out here seeking creative solitude, plotting our “what’s next?”


Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 16.10.15


In the spirit of travel and exploration, our friends at Maptia have worked tirelessly on their new site and we’re throwing them a big high five.

Introducing Maptia 2.0, a place to discover and share remarkable stories from around the world.

Jonny Miller, co-founder of Maptia, wrote an exceptional piece similar to the talk he, Dorothy and Dean (fellow founders) gave at our Summercamp 2014. It’s a really thought-provoking piece, sharing 10 lessons learned in the 1,000 days running up to the launch date. A great article that we’d encourage you to read if you have any self doubt on the road to entrepreneurship.

10 things we believe after 1,000 days of building Maptia

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 16.40.56
We just wrapped up the first week of Home School, where students got to grips with passion; how to find theirs and why passion is so important as the starting point for every business.

Susanna Halonen, positive psychology practitioner and coach at Happyologist, joined Laurence on a 15 min call live with our home school students last week.

We thought we’d share the video with you too. Passion is the key ingredient to becoming a successful entrepreneur, and Susanna explains why ‘following your passion‘ is actually a flawed concept. Lots to learn from this.

If you’d like to build or improve your business, and make it a happy one with 100 others from around the world, visit The Happy Startup Home School and apply for our next call in 2015. 

We’ll let you know within 2 weeks if you’ve been accepted.

Seen our new post? Laurence gives 10 tips for creating your Minimum Loveable Product

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