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Stop what you’re doing and watch this. It could change your life & definitely your business.


Team Happy Startups returned from the Alps on Monday. We visited Jack, our friend and founder at Propellernet, out there to dream up big plans for future projects and do some exploring.

There we are giving it our best power pose.


Jack spoke at our Summercamp in September. One of the highlights of the whole weekend for all, his talk is now at your disposal to watch, take notes and get seriously inspired. It might even change your direction in business & life 360.

Watch Jack’s talk “Bucketlist business planning” and prepare to be moved, motivated & mind blown ››

Just a few quotes we can’t get out of our heads:

“It’s like free-range business people wandering around the fields laying golden eggs” 

“Forget about money & business it’s about people”

and coining the phrase “Grey suited mood hover”

We could probably write a book of Jack quotes from this talk alone :)

We encourage you to share this with your family, friends, business partners, teams, so they too can dream up the reality of ‘making life better’.

Watch it here. Or bookmark it for later.

Wanna be a part of camp in 2015? Super early bird tickets will be released in the new year. Pre-register here to be the first to get access.

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