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Going going gone


Enrolment for Tribe #2 of our Happy Startup Home School ends this weekend.

We’re closing the doors firmly shut until we do this again – later this year.

Shut. Fermé. Geschlossen.

So if you want to join a community of likeminded people on a fun journey of discovery where you’ll learn how to build a business that makes your life and the lives of others a little bit better, then this is your last chance.

So, what’s it like to take part in home school we hear you ask?

Why not see for yourself by watching any of the videos below. We’d had some amazing feedback from our first cohort. We’ve also asked for how we can make it even better next time.  We’ve loved helping such a diverse mix of people push their ideas forward and get clarity and focus on what’s important.

This week I spoke with some of the folk from our first cohort back in November as we wanted to give people a true picture of what to expect in the weeks ahead. They were kind enough to spend a few minutes with me chatting about their startup journey over these last few months and being part of the Happy Startup School community.

First up was Josephine Living, co-founder of LifeUp, a mindfulness program for stress out workers who loved the community and challenges we set, enabling her and her business partner to focus on their Minimum Loveable Product.


I also spoke with Esther Teunissen, a purpose-driven community builder from the Netherlands who wanted to unlock her inner entrepreneur – find out how the course helped her:


Next up was Richard Eason, founder of Cycle Fox, who’s on a mission to make cycling accessible for all. Richard found the course really helped him focus on getting the foundations of his business right before worrying about scaling. Our motto is ‘nail it, then scale it!’.


…and finally Angus Lyons, founder of Thin Framing loved the positive ethos and business model tools.


Unlock your inner entrepreneur 

These are all very different people but all with a similar ethos, willingness to share, contribute to the community and a desire to build a business that puts people before profits.

We’ve got an equally diverse mix of people on the next cohort starting next week. Can you afford not to join us?

So are you in?

If you have an idea or startup you’d like to push forward, have lost your business mojo and want to get it back or just want to be inspired to do your own thing, now’s your time to make it happen.

psst. Enter code WEBINAR to get a whopping 33% off. 

OK, let’s do this »

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 21.47.57

Join our tribe of purpose-driven folk from around the world and learn how to make ideas happen, fast.

This 4 week course is 100% online and fits around your schedule. You can dip in and out of the course materials, discussions and videos.

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