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Well, this was pretty AWESOME

moonshot mindfulness workshop 3

moonshot mindfulness workshop 4

Sun, sea, & coffee

You remember the Moonshot Mindfulness class we spoke about a few emails ago? What a day it was. Think meditation. Mindful walking by the waves. Moonshot thinking. Vision boarding. A class on ‘How to get sh*t done’. And best of all, a group of truly inspiring people to take time out with and refocus efforts for a better start to the year ahead.

For those that joined us, the day was relaxing and transforming. The workshop gave everyone the ideal environment to look at their upcoming projects with a new set of eyes, inspiring everyone to start small and think big. Really big. 

We’ve GOT to do this again to help more people learn how the benefits of adopting Moonshot thinking transforms results. If you want 10x growth not just 10% you need to join us for the next. Email fiona@spookstudio.com to register your team’s interest.

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 21.47.57

We’re off!

Our second tribe of Home School students have met their buddies, defined their one goal for the next 4 weeks and got to grips with passion; how they can find theirs and why it’s essential for starting out in business. What struck us when our tribe introduced themselves, is how driven and committed they are. They have a dream to do what they love as a business, alongside the drive to make it happen.

Perhaps they have similar dreams to you. Are you fed up of working for someone else, full of ideas for launching your own online business, wanting to make a positive dent in the world? Do you dream of being able to swap your commute for  flexibility, more family time and working where you want, when you want?

We can help you do this. Visit home.thehappystartupschool.com and consider joining tribe #3 in Spring/Summer 2015

Other news…

Go to this, London friends: The Museum of Happiness

Watch this, for instant happiness (just 3 mins): vimeo.com/118719093

Visit Happy HQ: bit.ly/1zFnQmj

Vote for Laurence to talk at Digital Shoreditch (just click ‘like’ in the top corner & make our day!): bit.ly/1CAGRdc

That’s all this week friends, have a great weekend.

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