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10 articles every entrepreneur needs to read for success in business

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1. 10 tips for creating your Minimum Loveable Product

If you can get your digital ideas to market sooner, and still deliver a product that wows customers, you’re already ahead of the game.

2. Simple ways you can make your startup marketing efforts invincible

Just about to start building a community around your idea? Some great points to consider before you’re on your way.

3. 10 ways you’ll probably f**k up your startup

According to Bloomberg, 8 out of 10 startups fail within their first 18 months. Common early-stage mistakes can be avoided and this article highlights how.

4. Here’s why founders should care about happiness 

Scott Crabtree spent 24 years climbing the ladder in the gaming and software industries, eventually leading his own engineering team at Intel. And after observing life at companies big and small, he recognized one commonality: The happiest people are the most productive.‘ 

5. How to get startup ideas

A brilliant essay by Paul Graham written in 2012 but still rings true. If you’re sold on being your own boss but fall short on ideas, make this essay your first stop.

6. A roadmap to a life that matters

‘Put what, why and who you love ahead of what, why and who you don’t and your roadmap will begin to write itself’ – wise words from economist Umair Haque.

7. 21 tactics to fail your way to success (and build a tribe)

Lesson 1: Build stuff that matters.

8. The “Personal Brand” myth: Become more human and less machine

People relate to other people. People want to business with other people. Know who you are and tell your story. A killer post from our friend & branding expert, Jeremiah Gardner.

9. Entrepreneurship = impact

This one’s taken from Seth Godin’s blog. In fact, every one of his posts (he posts every day) will help you inch closer to success within your startup.

10. 10 lessons from the treehouse

One of those posts you never forget once you read it. An awesome story told with useful nuggets of advice on going solo.

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What next?

Download our ebook that comes equipped with your own startup toolkit, and treat that dream in your head with respect. Make it happen.

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Happy weekend everyone :)

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