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Wanna join us in the Alps?

Cirque pray
Richard Branson gets his best ideas swinging in his Necker Island hammock. The rest of us can get our creative sparks in the shower, on a train journey or when we’re outdoors. Notice how we’re rarely creative when we’re in the boardroom or meeting room at work.

If you’ve ever sat in a stuffy meeting room you’ll know exactly what we mean. If you’re depending on strong results in this kind of environment, you’re doing it all wrong.

It’s time to hit the great outdoors.

Ideally with a bunch of likeminded people that are doing cool things in the world.

Which is what we’ll be doing for a week in May.

In the heart of the French Alps.

It’s called Alptitude – a summit for ideas.

And it’s going to be f&*$!@ awesome.



Wanna come?

Alptitude will be  a week long invite-only retreat for purpose driven people to take time out for themselves and focus on ideas that will make life better for themselves and others, whilst having some fun in a stunning part of the world. Partners and families are even welcome too.


7 days of creativity, co-working, wellbeing and adventure in the Alps with all of the right conditions to allow you to detox from the office, kickstart some moonshot thinking and blur the lines between work, life & play. And not to mention hanging out with some of the most inspiring people you’re likely to meet.

If it sounds like something you’d like to be a part of we’re taking applications now but you need to apply real soon – we’re closing the doors to applications this Sunday March 1st at midnight GMT.

Check out the shiny new website at www.alptitu.de and apply for an invite.


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