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How do you overcome the fear of starting? Your questions answered

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Thanks to all for joining Laurence & Carlos in their first AMA (Ask Me Anything) webinar last night. The recording is right here if you missed it!

We turned to our community prior to the hangout to give you the opportunity to ask Laurence & Carlos any questions you had related to building your startup, product design, events we organise and the Home School program we’re kicking off in May.

Some questions Laurence & Carlos give advice on in the webinar:

How do I overcome the fear of starting a business?BinSabbar, SA

What ways can I prototype my product?Josh, CA

If we take the Home School online course, how much time do we have with you? -Christiana, Greece

Where does Social Enterprise fit in the world of startups? Is it ethically wrong to profit from solving social issues? -Leanne, UK

How do I bump up my twitter followers from 26 -26,000,000,000?Tash, UK

How do you come up with ideas? -Katie, UK

Watch the 30 min recording to hear their response to these common startup problems & FAQ’s on our Home School ››


If you’re putting off your application to Home School, the time is now. Early bird prices will end soon, so if you want to get $200 off the course fee, apply by Sunday 19th April 12pm BST. It takes just 5 mins to apply & we’ll let you know within 48 hours if your application has been successful. 

Apply today ››

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