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Who to chase – customers or investors?

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One of the questions discussed at our Lean Coffee morning last week was:

Should we spend the time chasing investment, when we could be using that time spent perfecting our pitch building a business from the ground up?

It was a balanced discussion with views on both sides.

There’s no right or wrong answer – every startup has a limited runway and investment can help extend that. However it can also be a distraction.

Also just because you have a great idea, this doesn’t mean that you’ll get funding. Any investor will need to believe in the team they’re supporting, and a sole founder will find it incredibly difficult.

Also the bar is a lot higher these days – investors are looking for more than just an idea and a solid team, they want to see a working product and signs of traction from customers.

But how do you get customers that care about what you’re doing?

Get hungry for insight

Conduct customer interviews, test prototypes or use tools such as our own Personapp or empathy mapping to really understand your customers and how you can make their life better through your product or service. This will help you to understand where the value lies and will ultimately help you sharpen your value proposition, meaning customers will be easier to come by.

As Kathy Sierra says, focus on making your users badass and you’ll have an awesome product.

Funding from revenues

One of the safest ways to ensure survival for your startup at the early stage is to have a business model that helps fund your early stage development.

We meet lots of startup founders that are more focused on building a pitch rather than building a business. So really think about whether your time is best spent seeking funding or whether you could use that time to find a customer that will pay for your product, even before you’ve built it. Then find another, and another. Get some customers and investment will come a lot easier.

Your Minimum Loveable Product isn’t just about creating a great product, but a passionate user base that loves you and will become an advocate for your business.


“When you take money from investors their business model becomes yours.” Steve Blank

So at the early stage try to focus on things that you can control – building a great product and a passionate customer base–  than the things you can’t – chasing VCs, angel investors, etc.

Often money isn’t the problem, or solution.

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