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How 2 entrepreneurs launched a business 6 weeks after meeting on Home School

This is the first of a series of posts spotlighting early stage entrepreneurs’ stories. People like you, who are building purpose-driven businesses, showing the world how simple it can be to make a start on your idea.

Mike Harmer & Jeff Kubyarch Propeller
Meet Mike Harmer (left) A web designer & developer based in York, UK. And Jeff Kubarych (right) A former Marketing Director at Indeed, currently working at a non-profit in NYC, USA.

After enrolling on our Happy Startup Home School‘s second tribe, they started the course with very different business ideas than the idea they finished with. In just 6 weeks they’ve met each other, founded Propeller.io, tested and validated the idea, set up a basic homepage, and started to collect emails for their very first customers.

I’ll let Mike explain how fast their lives and business ideas have moved for them in the last 6 weeks.

Mike's goalWe met serendipitously through the Happy Startup Home School community, and found we have similar goals based around helping people create things. Jeff’s background is in business naming and domain names, mine is in web design and development. We were both looking for a new project so we decided to team up – now we’re busy creating Propeller.

Soaking up the ‘happy startup’ mentality and things we learnt during the course, we’ve set out with a bold mission – to help 10,000 entrepreneurs create online businesses by 2025. We’re trying to reduce the friction, effort, and cost around creating a new business so that you can quickly test and validate your ideas. We want to help you take action on your ideas, rather than dwelling or spending too much time thinking about them.

What this manifests as is a website and newsletter where we’ll be curating great ideas for new businesses and sharing them with our community. You’ll be able to purchase a ‘business pack’ that includes a great domain name and a one-page website with a sign-up form. We also register matching social media and email accounts and include them at no extra cost. Basically you get everything you need to go from nothing to getting your first customers straight away.

We’re ‘tasting our own medicine’ at the moment by going through the same process to build Propeller itself. In the last few weeks we’ve launched a basic home page that explains more, and lets you sign up for early access.

Propeller.io Home School review

The most meaningful part of the Happy Startup Home School for us was the framework for exploring our purpose, values and mission. It made all the difference, and it’s down to the Home School that we’ve met and are working hard to achieve our goals. The course really helped open our minds to putting happiness at the center of our business and aligning our work with our passions.

Our goal right now is to connect with other entrepreneurs in the early stages of their business idea whilst we’re building our platform. You may have a solid idea already, but no name for it. Or maybe you just have an idea of the sector you want to operate in, but no specific business idea yet. We want to help you get a new business idea off the ground.

You can find out more about our mission on our website, and if you’d like to know more about Propeller you can sign up for early access.”

You can build a happy business

Our fourth tribe of Home School students begin their 6 week online program on the 7th September. They’ll be gaining the confidence, tools and community they need to start building their business ideas, fast. We won’t be running another course until later in the year, so get your application in quick if you’d like to become part of the tribe.
Visit home.thehappystartupschool.com for more info. It takes just 3 minutes to apply – a small price to pay for entrepreneurial happiness :)

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