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Start now

cloud walk

Start now.

Start the journey of figuring out your purpose, your calling, your “element” as Ken Robinson calls it. The overlap between what you love, what you are great at, what the world needs and what gets you paid. The sweet spot.

Make a grid on a piece of paper, write down your ideas on the left and the things that make your life better on the right (pays well, location freedom, meet cool people, creative freedom, perform at Glastonbury, sublime food, swim with turtles, climb mountains, rescue animals, help others, whatever does it for you).

What does that show you?

Now start a few projects, not because you think they might make you money but because the thought of the project gets you juiced up and raring to go. Start projects that tick your theoretical boxes and then observe which ones push your actual buttons when you are in them.

You only know when you DO. Action brings clarity.

The full picture is never clear but keep working at it and every now and then the clouds will part and you’ll see a big shiny motivating vision and then the clouds will close in again, and when they next clear the vision is bigger and brighter. Level up, keep going.

Observe the real world around you (not the edited media versions) and continually enquire “how does this help me?”

Look after your wellbeing and the answers will come.

The plan changes, evolves and grows as you do. Thats the fun of it.

…now start.

Jack Hubbard, CEO Propellernet & Dream Valley Projects

PS. Today I read a glowing endorsement of our tech status by an influential PR industry cheese, booked a rave in a yurt, ordered a trojan cow, 6 red flares, some graffiti paint, got tickets for 2 boat parties in Croatia, cooked some fresh fish, edited a mountain biking video, drank pay d’Oc, made someone very happy and bought a split snow board for back country touring with my super wife Lin. Last month we launched a new music festival, this month we co-host Alptitude with The Happy Startup School. The Dream Valley Projects are happening and I’m in my element. Maybe we can help you find yours?

Jack Hubbard

Hope you enjoyed this post. This is just a taste of the wisdom our friend Jack Hubbard will be bringing to our Summercamp this September in the UK. Jack will be running a workshop showing campers how they can achieve their dreams in life whilst still make a highly profitable business. Visit happystartupsummer.camp and watch his talk from last year’s camp in the videos. It’s unmissable.

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