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10 awesome startup events that will give you FOMO

1. Digital Shoreditch
London, 11th-24th May

The very best tech, creative, entrepreneurial talent at one festival. Including our Laurence, co-founder & design lead at The Happy Startup School. Watch his lightning talk on Why happiness should be your business model at 9.45am, Tuesday 12th.

2. Learning to live more with less with James Wallman
London, 14th May 6.30-9pm

We have more stuff than we could ever need – clothes we don’t wear, kit we don’t use, and toys we don’t play with. But having everything we thought we wanted isn’t making us happier. It’s bad for the planet. It’s cluttering up our homes. It’s making us feel ‘stuffocated’ and stressed – and it might even be killing us. If you’re tired of living this way, join James Wallman, author of Stuffocation to talk about ‘experientialism’ and how it can work for business happiness.

creative money training

3. Creative Money Training with Charles Davies
Brighton, 19th May 6.00-8.00pm

Investing time in exploring your own understanding of money can bring clarity and creativity to any project you are involved in. This 90 minute session explores how to negotiate with money so everyone is happy, and how to align your money (or lack of it) with your project and your purpose.

4. Alptitu.de
Morillon in the French Alps, 23rd-30th Mayperiscope

A week of ideas, connections, creativity and adventure brought to you by the Happy Startup School and Dream Valley Projects. Applications are closed for this year’s retreat, but you should pre-register for 2016. We’ll be video blogging daily throughout the week too, sign up to Periscope, click the search bar and follow ‘@happystartups’ to watch live updates of us getting inspired in the mountains.

5. Hooked Festival
Ghent, Belgium, 1st-4th June

For startups, UI/UX designers, front end developers and product managers who want to build products that people love. Our Laurence is jet setting to give his design advice to people going. He’ll be doing a talk on Is your product Minimum Loveable?  as well as partnering up with our friend Jeremiah Gardener to bring Lean Brand Lab to the tech scene of Belgium.

6. Growth Hacking & Full Stack marketing for startups
London, 11th June, 9.30am-6pm

Our friends Patrick Vlaskovits and Casey Armstrong are bringing a full-day growth hacking workshop to Rainmaking Loft and you should be a part of it. Patrick and Casey promise to teach you the fundamentals of full-stack marketing and growth-hacking. After this workshop, budding startups will be able to successfully navigate most online marketing challenges like figuring out where to start, how to acquire the right customers, and most importantly, drive revenue.

7. Lean Brand Lab
San Diego CA, 23rd-24th June, Belgium, 1st-4th June

It’s not a conference. Not a hackathon. Not a seminar. But, a true LAB.  In the Lean Brand Lab, you’ll be presented a unique experience mixing in-depth practical tools, real-time experimentation and hands-on mentoring to help you succeed in connecting with your audience.  If you’re ready to get off the “where do I get clients” roller coaster and prime your startup for organic growth, the Lab is for you.


8. Moonshot Mindfulness
London, 8th July

A one day interactive workshop for teams big and small to gather together to create a vision that inspires you to strive for 10 X more, rather than just 10%, whether that’s personal growth, revenues or impact.  Get you (and your team) inspired to do great things and leave with a renewed energy for upcoming projects and plans.

9. The Happy Startup Summercamp
Sussex, 18th-20th September

“I’ve never experienced a conference with such a good vibe” ‹
words from a 2014 camper right there. When great minds gather together in a field, magic happens. It’s true.

Summercamp is a weekend ideas festival for entrepreneurs to unplug, get inspired and grow friendships to push business ideas forward. It should be on every entrepreneur’s bucket list to stay in one of our bell tents and attend the camp. See for yourself in this 3 min video.

10. Happy Workplaces 2015
London, 13th May, 10-5pm

Could you be doing more to engage your people at work? Influential speakers such as Simon Fowler, Brand Director at John Lewis will be sharing how they build and sustain a happy workplace culture and they practices they use. Happy employees = happy customers. Our community get £50 off tickets using the link above.

…. and one extra for good measure, our Lean Coffee. A monthly morning session bringing people together to share knowledge and ideas. Come join our next session in Brighton on 15th May.

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