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What makes you skip to work in the morning?


One of the world’s leading experts on happiness at work Alexander Kjerulf, fellow Chief Happiness Officer is here to share the two things that make you truly happy in your job. He’ll be joining us for 3 days at The Happy Startup Summercamp from 18-20 September.

You gotta know what makes you happy at work.

Most people don’t and they end up chasing the wrong things, thinking that getting a raise, a bonus, a promotion or more perks will make them happy at work.

And if you chase the wrong things, you won’t be happy at work.

What really makes us happy at work according to the research is two things: Results and relationships.

Let’s take a closer look at these two.

First, results.

We all want to get results. We all want to make a difference, know that our work is important, get appreciation and do work that we can be proud of. Knowing you’re having an impact in a team or in the world is worth more than any financial win.

And secondly, there’s relationships at work.

We all need to feel valued as human beings and have a good relationship with co-workers and managers or even to customers, suppliers, shareholders, and the company’s wider community. Relationships at work matter so much because we will be spending a lot of time with people at work. When you think about it, you’ll be spending more of your waking hours with them, than with your friends and family.

So this is the source of happiness at work: Results and relationships – focus on doing great work with great people.

Hating your job can ruin your career, your private life and your health. Considering that we spend more of our waking hours at work than on anything else, hating your job is just a massive waste of life.

I wrote some tips for making your startup company happy and successful and my #1 tip would be to avoid the trap that so many startups fall into, where they become more and more corporate as they grow.

“Once you have an org chart, you’re screwed.”

Why screw up your company with rules, bureaucracy, control processes in the same way that all the big corporations do?”

1431597413380Alex will be bringing his infectious delivery to Summercamp, hosting a workshop to show us how to create a truly happy company and be more productive and profitable as a result. He’ll be hanging out with us across the whole weekend so you’ll have chance to pick his brains over the campfire.

Be a part of this year’s Summercamp, buy your ticket by July 31 and you’ll get a FREE bell tent upgrade worth £95!

Can you afford to miss it again? Here’s just one of the comments we received afterwards from last year’s event:

“I’ve attended a bunch of conferences in my time but nothing like this. I was particularly impressed how well the speakers integrated with the attendees. It wasn’t an ‘us and them’ feel. Amazing is spending a weekend being inspired. Awesome is using that momentum to make change. I feel I owe it to Summercamp to make change” Adam B, Summercamp 2014


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