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We are not machines.


Below is a window into the incredible mind that is Charles Davies.

Charles has a process. It’s called Very Clear Ideas. It’s a powerful and immensely eye-opening one-on-one session he runs with people on the brink of launching a project, or people in need of clarity on next steps within a project already underway.

A Very Clear Ideas session with Charles has the capacity to tear apart your ideas and sow them back up again with renewed life, and clarity like you’ve never had before. It’s sort of hard to put into words how it works, but if you’ve ever asked yourself the question “am I doing the right thing?” a Very Clear Ideas session will give you all the direction you need (and more).

It’s a very unique & special process.

Charles will have his very own tipi at our Summercamp in September. He’ll be running tipi sessions one-on-one throughout the weekend. So if you’re joining us, hop in with an open mind and an idea that needs clarity and focus.


We are not machines

words by Charles

We are not machines.

We are creative beings.

Everything made on earth — from sandwiches to cathedrals — started out in someone’s mind. And, through some strange magic, that image in the mind became something solid and undeniable and real in the world. I imagine a sandwich, then I make a sandwich. I imagine a cathedral, then I make a cathedral.

This trick — of seeing things that don’t exist and then bringing them into the world — is the very heart of work. And it is nothing less than miraculous.

But how often do we think of work that way?

Somewhere along the way, our story of work lost its sparkle.

Work became something you do because you have to.
Work became something you don’t want to do.
Work became something you don’t want to do but you do because you have to do it if you want to do the things you want to do.
Don’t mix business and pleasure… God forbid you might enjoy work.
Work became a place you show up to.
Work became a time when you put your own wishes on hold.
Work became a set of tasks that you do because you agreed to.

But the essence of work is this: as creative, alive, human beings we have the capacity to see things that don’t exist yet and then bring them into the world. Work is creation. The way that humans work is not the way machines work. We are not machines. We are creative beings.

Read Charles’ full medium post ››

 *For one month only*

Book a space at the Happy Startup Summercamp during July and you’ll get a FREE upgrade on accommodation. Call one of our cosy bell tents your home for the weekend.

This is not your typical conference. There will be no neon strip lights or terrible coffee. Nor will there be slimy sales pitches or awkward networking.  This is about real people in a natural environment having meaningful conversations about the things that matter. 3 days of inspiration, learning and play.

Sound like your thing? You’ll love the other stuff we have planned ››

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