We help you turn your startup idea into a happy, thriving business

21 ways this startup decelerator will make shift happen


For 3 days this September, 100 business hippies will gather on a 300-acre farm to unplug, get inspired and develop game-changing ideas and relationships. Last year was incredible. This year we’re raising the bar once more. Here’s what you’ll miss at The Happy Startup Summercamp.

  1. Become a free range human
  2. Meet a billionaire
  3. Plan your dream business
  4. Make money from your weaknesses
  5. Increase your impact as a leader
  6. Develop better habits
  7. Meditate from your death bed
  8. Go on a sunrise epic
  9. Learn how to turn tragedy into a mission
  10. Get clarity on your vision like never before
  11. Become a BCorp
  12. Pitch your idea to 120 people
  13. Design like a boss
  14. Discover the power of play (through the ukulele)
  15. Take a karaoke sauna
  16. Dine like a king
  17. Get to be a DJ for 15 minutes
  18. Be part of a mass gratitude call
  19. Join an incredible community that wants you to succeed
  20. Get vital fuel for your mission
  21. Have a weekend you’ll never forget


So, not your typical conference then.

As you can see we don’t do events by halves.

You see a shared experience like this is the only way to create real change.


“The Happy Startup School somehow get you to tune into what you should be doing with your life. And then show you how to do it.”

summercamp wood

Tickets are 90% sold with just a few left. So why not come to Happy Startup Summercamp this September in the UK and connect with likeminded people in a stunning location? It’s a transformative weekend for startups, innovators & changemakers.


P.s Enter the code TARDY at the checkout to get £100 off before 31st August

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