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We need your help!

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Dear startups, creatives and all you incredible people who have followed and supported our mission this far,
Some of you may have heard or read our Laurence’s post explaining that we’ve chosen to close down our successful startup studio to help millions realise their dreams. Since that post went live we’ve been overwhelmed by the floods of emails we’ve received from you guys all over the world offering support and best wishes on this crazy journey ahead of us.

We can’t thank you enough.

The next 6 months are critical for our survival, and with our Summercamp just around the corner we’ve never been more excited about what’s to come for us. We’re passionate about creating spaces for people to learn how they can fulfil their role in the world and even though we’re not making profit on this event, we’re not ones to let that stop us from bringing it to the masses.

Here’s where we really need your help. We want to bring the life-changing knowledge shared on site to entrepreneurs all around the world (that means YOU!) and we need your support to make it happen.

Donate a small fee to become a digital camper and you’ll get access to talks, fireside chats + more ››

The truth is, last year we got super lucky. We managed to get sponsorship for filming all of our inspiring talks and shared them with the world, but this time round we haven’t been so lucky.

All we need to raise is £5,000 to cover filming costs at camp. If we successfully reach our goal, we’ll be able to offer you, the people who have supported us, exclusive access to talks, fireside chats + more from the weekend. If we don’t reach our goal then we won’t be able to do any filming on site, and all the knowledge and stories shared across the weekend will be limited to our 120 campers on site, when it could be helping thousands worldwide.
Take a look at Summercamp Plugged-In and see how you can become a digital camper whilst helping us + thousands of entrepreneurs on our journey to business happiness. There are some rewarding perks we’d like to give back to you as a huge thanks.

Be a part of summercamp wherever you are in the world ››


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