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jack hubbard


“Do whatever it takes and do it now”

A refreshing interview with our friend and fellow camper Jack Hubbard. Jack will be running a workshop at the Happy Startup Summercamp next week, sharing with other entrepreneurs how they can and should create their business plan as a bucket list. Last few tickets available, you won’t wanna miss hanging out with Jack and the incredible bunch joining us across the weekend.

If you can’t make it, become a digital camper and help us bring the inspirational talks to the world ››

jack hubbard 2
Share who you are, what you do and a bit about your entrepreneurial journey so far

I started 6 companies in 2003 and dropped the other 5 when Propellernet (now the worlds best search marketing agency) took off. I resisted selling Propellernet and am pursuing a more interesting route of building an independent empire of innovative great places to work founded in adventure, fun and wellbeing. I’m planting the seeds for this vision by collaborating with various founders on various projects.

I run my affairs from the alpine playground of Dream Valley in the french alps. My business plan is a bucket list and I’m having a blast.

What’s the one change you want to see in the world?

It would be great if the prevailing culture in the business world was one of freedom and creation. It is a shame that money and fear enslaves billions of workers in this age where everyones needs could be met if business focused on happiness and wellbeing of people as the objective.

We can’t rely on the external institutions of big business, media and government. The change has to come from within us and spread via independently owned businesses.

What sort of advice would you give startups in the transition phase, from full time job to doing what they love?

Do whatever it takes and do it now.

Downsize your apartment, get a spare job, stop buying crap. Don’t worry that you don’t have the answers, that never changes. And don’t procrastinate, if it feels right, get on with it.

You only learn through doing.

Outsource your admin so you can focus 100% on customers and product development, preferably to your partner or your dad (for free). And enjoy every second, tomorrow never comes, there is only today.

Tell us a little bit about the workshop you’re running for entrepreneurs at the summercamp

I’ll share my ideas and some examples and get you thinking about what makes you happy, how you want to spend your life and then how you can integrate those things into your business life in ways that enhance value.

How will the workshop help people become better entrepreneurs?

It will help you to look at your work and your life in a joined up way and remove conflicts that arise from keeping them separate. It will re-wire your thinking and change your life.

For anyone who couldn’t make Summercamp last year your talk was a huge highlight (watch it here) What cool stuff came from last year’s camp? How was it impactful for you?

I met so many great people who were on my wavelength it felt like i’d found my lost tribe. I’ve since been collaborating with many of them and it has transformed my world. The confidence it has given me to act in accordance with my beliefs, means I get where I want to go much faster because that belief is backed up by a movement. I’m no longer just crazy little me.

What one ‘do’ do you think startups should act upon after reading this that will bring them closer to their vision?

Think about 3 things you love doing. Write them down. Now work out how doing these things helps you advance your career in terms of networking, learning, marketing, energy, inspiration, income. Now get to it.
Join Jack + a whole bunch of inspiring folk at camp next week. Visit the Happy Startup Summercamp site to pick up one of the few remaining tickets or become a digital camper to get talks and amazing content delivered to your inbox after the weekend.

Just a reminder that enrolment for our 6 week online Home School closes really soon.

  • Get clarity on what it takes to build a successful startup (and get to know the mistakes you need to avoid)
  • Learn simple, practical steps to bring your business ideas to reality (don’t let yourself procrastinate any longer, this is happening)
  • Get support from a tribe of likeminded entrepreneurs who won’t let you quit
  • Assess what really makes you tick, and form a 30 day action plan to freedom and autonomy in your life
  • The confidence, skills and toolset you need to make it happen (your idea doesn’t suck, and this tribe is here to help you make your vision real)
  • Revisit areas of your current business (or projects) to breathe life back into what you do
  • Learn a tried and tested approach  that you can apply to any of your future projects and ventures

    Remember that if you’re not happy we’ll give you a full refund too, so you have nothing to lose. Apply now at home.thehappystartupschool.com

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