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Why your startup should focus on employee engagement from day one

Guest post from Officevibe co-founder Jeff Fermin

It is a fragile moment in any startup company’s life- the movement from a great idea to a potential reality.

With so many different aspects of your new business’s health to deal with, employee engagement can seem like the last priority on your “to do” list. But the reality is, engaged and happy employees can turn a potential business model into a well-oiled, lucrative machine.

A reflection and focus on employee engagement is not only worth your time- it is absolutely essential if you want your startup company to be more than marginally successful as it struggles to find footing in an ever changing and extremely competitive business world.

Employee Engagement: Not Just For the Big Guns

There is a reason that “employee engagement” is a hot buzzword these days. Lethargic top-shelf companies are looking for ways to catapult their businesses into new and creative outlets.

Stale company culture has permeated many big companies that were once filled with employees who were eager to engage with a new and innovative business model.

Simply stated: many companies have been reduced to being a building filled with paycheck driven drones. It’s no surprise that engaged employees work hard and diligently but research has found that companies that focus on creating a challenging and healthy work environment stir up not only employee loyalty but an entrepreneurial work environment that causes transformation and growth from the inside out.

No Band Aides Necessary

Ditch the cubicle drama of the average workplace. Employee engagement and motivation starts with a healthy company culture. Your startup may seem insignificantly small now but hopefully, with time, you will expand into new and exciting markets and trades.

Your company culture starts on day one. Hire wisely. Listen to your newly found talent. Let them in on your company dream map and fund team building experiences that create loyal employment.

Loyal employees, who are challenged and extended throughout the day, work efficiently when your startup company needs it the most. More importantly- they stick with you because they want to watch your company become a reality as well.

Where Enthusiasm Can Take Your Business

It’s this easy:

• Startup companies run on enthusiastic and loyal employees
• Healthy company culture ensures that individual members feel welcomed and challenged
• Employee engagement starts on your very first day
• Employees that generally feel excited about their place of employment  will go above and beyond general expectations
• Hard work= a successful business launch

Will every day of your business’s life be a perfect combination of happy employees and excellent work? Probably not. You are sure to hit some bumps in the road to success no matter how elated each of your individual employees is to come to work every day. But a startup company’s focus on employee engagement can, at its very core, make those obstacles surmountable.

A happy company culture will create a work environment that makes the success of your business feel like a team effort.

Have any excellent tips for keeping employees engaged?
What do you think is the most important factor when it comes to creating a healthy work environment for a startup company?
Jeffrey Fermin is Officevibe’s cofounder and is in charge of all marketing efforts and business development for the company. Jeff has the pleasure of engaging with the Officevibe community where he talks, tweets and blogs about company culture and employee engagement. Reach him @JeffFermin

6 Responses to “Why your startup should focus on employee engagement from day one”

  1. HRO Partners

    This is an excellent article relating to employee engagement. I really think that any company must address the need to hire individuals who will mesh with the mission and culture of the company.

    One tip to keep employees engaged is to tear down the typical cubicle set up of the office and embrace a more open work space. Thank you for posting!

  2. Jimba

    I keep my employees engaged… I feed them, play with them and take them for walks at least twice a day… It’s a startup, dude…

  3. Susanna Halonen

    Great article!
    I think a big part of having engaged employees is about making sure they are passionate about their work and the company, and there are different ways of boosting that passion in your employees. A major part of this is making sure that people are connecting with each other, having lots of discussions, and creating a family like friendly environment. This makes sure ideas are not only welcome but are also openly challenged so they develop in the right direction.

    How having positive relationships boosts your creativity, productivity and happiness is one of the only things psychologists agree on – so make sure you invest time to build these positive relationships on a daily level. Have spaces where people can go sit down & have a chat, encourage people to eat lunch together to talk non-work related stuff, and get people out in fresh air for group walks to boost energy levels. There’s lots of opportunities here :)

    I really love what Officevibe does & have a post with them coming on my blog later this month too ;)

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