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These 8 things deserve a *high ten*

Happy Startup Summercamp

1. Summercamp is on it’s way

The evenings are getting brighter, plans for camp are storming ahead and tickets are going on sale during March. Keep your eyes peeled to your inboxes for announcements and join us for the craziest startup weekend of the year.

2. This article on how to find your purpose and live a meaningful life

Wow. Superb advice from a 20 year old.

3. Our Lean Coffee gatherings

Startups, life hacks, & happiness. Our monthly gatherings at our HQ in Brighton see some awesome topics discussed, and everyone goes away with new ideas and new friends. Our next morning is 20th March 9am, RSVP on our meetup page.

4. These inspiring 3 min clips. They’ll make you challenge the status quo

Never seen before startup advice from our fellow campers in 2014. Very useful nuggets of advice & stunning filming.

5. …and these mind blowing talks for entrepreneurs, from crazy entrepreneurs

Summercamp talks are now available to watch online, a must see for startup teams and budding founders. Why not start every day this week taking 20 mins out with your team to watch and get inspired :)


6. Hearing all the amazing feedback from our second Home School tribe 

We’ve just finished up another life-changing 4 week challenge with entrepreneurs from all over the world. Students tuned into our weekly seminars to learn how they can build a business of their own and have more autonomy over their lives. It’s an amazing community & we’re overjoyed with the enthusiasm for our second tribe. Roll on the third.

7. Chatting with driven entrepreneurs from all across the world joining us on our Alpine adventure

Hundreds of applications came through to join Alptitude, our first ‘summit for ideas’. We could have filled the 20 spaces available 10x over but all great things start small. We can’t wait to meet you all.

8. The brilliance of Jeremiah Gardner’s 2 day Lean Brand Lab in San Diego

USA entrepreneurs, check this out. 12 startups selected to focus on and transform brand development challenges you’re faced with. If you’re struggling to build a passionate audience, consider this.

Have a brilliant weekend folks.

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